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Users can choose from nine different control panels that cover sensor technology, control technology, operation and maintenance and can be combined with each other, along with a board that simulates an actual plant. Using genuine industrial components means that a machine or system's safety and automation functions can be replicated on a practical level. What's more, the modules of the training systems are ready to use without the need for any other installation work and can also be combined in various ways. The documentation supplied with the systems also ensures learning objectives can be achieved fast, as exercises can be completed through self-study without the need for guidance.

This new offering from Pilz is aimed at training facilities such as industrial companies or vocational schools and universities for the subject areas of electrical engineering and automation. For instance, trainees can use Pilz Education Systems to learn the basics of safe automation through a practical approach, using wiring examples to carry out their own projects and completing tasks using set sample exercises. The level of difficulty can be adapted to the learner's abilities. For an easy introduction when learners do not have any programming knowledge, the instructor can use the modules with the basic sensor technology functions and relays to clearly explain the fundamentals of machine safety.

For more advanced learners, there are modules with more complex controllers, such as the logic panel, where more sophisticated safety circuits with fixed or free configurations can be created. The "conveyor belt actuator technology" control panel also has a firm practical focus, as it maps a complete machine and the associated safety and automation functions.

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