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Lumenion’s high-temperature storage system stores generation peaks from regionally generated wind and solar energy at up to 650° Celsius, whereby an electric heater is used to heat a steel storage core. Thanks to the high temperatures, when required, the stored energy can be converted back into electricity by means of a turbine unit or be used entirely for heating or hot water.

Following a successful test phase with a 450 kWh prototype on the campus of the University of Applied Sciences (HTW) in Oberschöneweide, Berlin, Lumenion has now constructed a steel storage block in a residential area belonging to Berlin housing society Gewobag. The unit, with a storage volume of 2.4 MWh, will be integrated in the district power and local heating supply system operated by Vattenfall Energy Solutions in the Tegel-Süd housing estate. “This is an important milestone for our technology, but also for the speedy and cost-efficient decarbonization of our energy system,” says Lumenion founder Alexander Voigt. “Our steel storage technology enables clean energy to be used with a time lag – both as heat and as electricity. We’re already planning systems with 40 and even 500 MWh.”