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The word "cyber" comes from Ancient Greek and means "steering", which is why it was once mainly used in the shipping industry, in the sense of "the art of navigating a ship". These days, the word is largely used as a prefix, for example when reporting on digital advances. This may also have prompted Zwickau University of Applied Sciences (WHZ) to refer to one of its latest developments as a "cybersuit". The suit, which is being unveiled at HANNOVER MESSE 2018, combines networked sensors and smart glasses. The sensors are incorporated into the suit and record the vital signs and stress indicators relevant to its wearer’s health and performance. Meanwhile, if limit values are exceeded, the glasses instantly project warnings and recommendations in front of the wearer's eye.

The "cybersuit" brings together the results of two separate research projects. The gaze-controlled glasses have been developed primarily for sufferers of conditions such as motor neurone disease to enable them to communicate more effectively with relatives and care staff using input methods that don't rely on hand movements. The glasses have also been fitted with sensors to measure vital parameters at the wearer's head. The sensor suit comes from the midasKMU junior research group and, like the glasses, has various sensors for measuring vital signs. An ECG monitor measures heart rate, for example, thus providing information about the wearer's stress levels. Extensometers measure the movements of arms and legs, while additional accelerometers also measure the speed of movements. The information recorded is then evaluated in real time by a computer unit and, if required, visualized via the smart glasses. Daily and long-term evaluations can also be called up. Visitors to Hannover can find out more about the amazing variety of applications for the "cybersuit" at the WHZ stand.