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HMI in mechanical and plant engineering is changing: in view of fluctuating market situations and changing supply chains and times, flexibility is more important than ever. Above all, it should be faster, both in the creation and adaptation of user interfaces. And the actual use should also become easier. In other words, it should neither require programming or special knowledge nor be too complicated to install.

KEB Automation and HMI Project have now joined forces to tackle these challenges and offer a solution with the HELIO HMI management system. Its responsive design is intended to ensure that only one HMI is configured, which can then be used on different panels and mobile devices. A major advantage is that the HELIO development environment can be used anywhere and on any platform via a web browser. Users create the structure of their HMI there and the layout is then adopted by HELIO. In this way, the HMI, as it will later be used on the machine, is directly available live.

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