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In the ten years of its existence, the CAE forum is appearing for the sixth time at the Digital Factory trade show at HANNOVER MESSE from April 23 to 27, 2018. In the past years, the group pavilion has expanded on its beginnings with numerical simulation to focus on additive manufacturing and 3D visualization. "We have broadened our horizons; the more consistent integration of individual engineering disciplines form the technological base for digital factories," explains Dirk Pieper, consulting engineer and initiator of the CAE forum.

This year, seven companies are exhibiting at the CAE forum’s group pavilion and are showcasing their portfolios of industrial applications. They include FlexSim Deutschland, Granta Design, Haption, SALT AND PEPPER Software, tendays, Carl Zeiss, and Schenker Technologies, which, in addition to other companies from the industry, are enriching the affiliated CAE stage with presentations and at evening panel discussions.

In addition, three workshops are being offered this year. Here Altair University along with other partner universities are presenting a workshop that systematically focuses on automating digital processes in product development. Furthermore, as a sponsor of the CAE forum stage on Sustainable Tuesday, Corsus is presenting two workshops on "Sustainable Product Design" and "Sustainable Supply Chain". The event is also the kick-off for a lecture series that will regularly inform visitors on the latest issues dealing with sustainability and which will continue in the coming months in Hamburg.

Along with workshops, visitors to the CAE forum stand can take advantage of more than 60 expert talks. Company and institutional specialists will provide information to the audience at the large stage on the following topics:

Numeric simulation, additive manufacturing / 3D printing, 3D scanning, 3D visualization, augmented reality, virtual reality, sustainable product development, factory planning, and material data management


...is showcasing its new RealScan system – a service that scans objects automatically in 3D and makes them available as photo-realistic 3D models. The company’s many years of experience in optic measurement technology have made this new development possible. In particular, RealScan can quickly digitalize objects so that they can be processed using CGI. The 3D objects can be incorporated into augmented reality applications (AR) and online shops. Visitors can experience this scanning process live at ZEISS RealScan’s stand and examine the previously scanned objects themselves.

Virtual Spice

In addition to 3D & CAD models right from its 3D software, visitors can experience the company’s digital planning through virtual reality using HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows MR headsets – with no training necessary. Using Forestage, virtual reality can be efficiently integrated into operation procedures – with maximum compatibility and without adjusting existing software. BOXPLAN is a mock-up tool to rapidly sketch and experience assembly stations using virtual reality. BOXPLAN allows users to experience ideas for implementing true-to-measure assembly stations using virtual reality: In just a few minutes the production facility is sketched in 3D with abstract boxes in the editor mode, after which production planners can experience their concepts with assemblers, logistics personnel, manufacturing engineers, and managers in the interactive mode.

FlexSim Deutschland

...is a part of the global FlexSim network. The company sees itself as a total solutions provider for production, material flow, and logistics simulation (discrete event-oriented simulation). For use in project planning, FlexSim is one of the most modern and innovative simulation tools from the American manufacturer FlexSim Software Products Inc. In the latest version, FlexSim 2018, key technologies like virtual and emulation are supported so that FlexSim can be profitably deployed as a tool for Industrie 4.0 platforms.

SCHENKER Technologies

...is not only a German manufacturer of high-performance PCs, but also an expert for high-end technologies in the VR/AR sector. Schenker Technologies covers an extremely broad portfolio both in consulting and in sales. In addition to laptops and desktops from office devises to mobile workstations, and it also includes VR/AR peripheral devices such as TPCAST wireless adapters, META AR headsets, and customized all-in-one case systems.


...is presenting a workspace with live demonstrations showing how the company generates its innovative animation films for the industrial sector for the first time at the group pavilion.


...is presenting virtual reality and interactive simulation for telerobots. Visitors can try out a virtual Jenga game which is played using remotely controlled robots and force feedback. Such virtual simulation is used, among other things, to train humans for potentially hazardous situations (nuclear accidents, chemical or bacterial emergencies, space operations). Haption provides hardware and software solutions based on haptics and force feedback.

Granta Design

...provides comprehensive solutions for material information technology using its material expertise. The company supports engineers and development teams in applying material intelligence to reduce costs and risks and increase product performance. Among other things, at Hannover Messe the company is showcasing its software module GRANTA MI: An additive manufacturing package that can be used to administer, visualize, and analyze information on dry chemical materials, manufacturing processes, machine parameters, and components.