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KSB from Frankenthal, Rheinland-Pfalz, a leading supplier of pumps, fittings and services, has presented a new system for pump monitoring – the KSB Guard . Once an hour, connected vibration and temperature sensors record current machine data and send it to a gateway, where the date are then encrypted and transferred to the KSB cloud. Using a smartphone app or a computer, the operator can then access the status data without having to be on site. To maximize the range while minimizing the number of required gateways, KSB Guard establishes a mesh network between the connected pumps.

The system can also be retrofitted to older pumps, as the sensors are fastened to running machines by magnet or adhesive, making it unnecessary to open up the pump. A provided battery supplies the power.

If the average vibration speed or temperature exceeds the defined limit, KSB Guard notifies the pump operator by e-mail or push notification. KSB Guard is designed for KSB rotary pumps and also supports analogous systems of other manufacturers.