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Industries face the critical challenge of reducing environmental impact while increasing efficiency. Traditional methods and innovation strategies often fall short, leading to more waste and higher costs. With growing regulatory pressures and consumer expectations, businesses seek innovative solutions to these complex issues.

Working together with key industry players

Testination Norway provides specialised test beds and deep expertise to address the need for eco-friendly innovations testing. Their capacities have enabled them to conduct a wide variety of tests, ranging from a 3 MW engine running on ammonia to many full-scale offshore wind tests in the North sea. They have also conducted many pioneering tests in “Norway's hub for Industry 4.0” and worked on many digital projects, together with Norway's leading industry players.

This approach allows businesses to test and refine sustainable solutions in real-world and virtual conditions as well as the virtual world, meeting demands for sustainability and performance. Testination Norway provides a platform for experimentation and learning, helping industries overcome barriers to green transformation.

Cutting-edge technology and expert support

Testination Norway’s test beds offer a unique opportunity for companies to advance their sustainability goals. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and expert support, their environments enable thorough evaluation of eco-friendly innovations. Solutions enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and meet environmental demands. Their facilities help develop products with minimal environmental footprints, aligning with global standards and enhancing brand image and customer loyalty. The testing environments also validate innovations, mitigate risks, and prepare products for market launch, ensuring optimal results.

The market potential is vast, driven by global demand for eco-friendly solutions and stringent regulations. Innovating and validating green solutions with Testination Norway opens access to a growing customer base that values environmental responsibility. The shift towards green practices is unlocking new markets and creating demand for innovative technologies. By engaging with Testination Norway’s test beds, companies can refine their innovations, positioning themselves as leaders in the sustainable future.

About the company

"Testination Norway" unites the expertise of three Norwegian catapult centres, Sustainable Energy, DigiCat, and Manufacturing Technology, at Hannover Messe. To highlight Norway's forefront in sustainable, digital, and advanced manufacturing solutions.

As pillars of the Norwegian Catapult initiative, they demonstrate a collective commitment to accelerating innovation and commercialising technologies that address global sustainability and industrial competitiveness. This collaboration showcases Norway's strategic approach to technological leadership and sustainable development on a global stage.

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