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HANNOVER MESSE 2022, which will finally be held under regular conditions again this year, has always been a platform for the industry's "collaborators" as well. For example, for the various universities and research institutes, where essential fundamentals continue to be conceived and developed, which in the best case serve sustainable progress. The Christian Albrechts University (CAU) in Kiel is therefore one of the regular guests in Hannover. As the only comprehensive university in Schleswig-Holstein, with more than 27,500 students and over 2,000 scientists, it offers an interdisciplinary academic environment. This year's Northern German exhibition topics in Hannover include the CAPTN initiative.

CAPTN stands for "Clean Autonomous Public Transport Network" and it unites as an initiative since 2018 (initially under the name "CAPTin Kiel") diverse transdisciplinary activities of CAPTN partners from society, economy, science, politics and administration under one maxim: The establishment of an integrated inner-city mobility chain of autonomous clean transport modes on water and on land with water-land interfaces for public transport. Based on this maxim and as part of a project of the German Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport (BMVI), CAPTN now established a digital test field in the Kiel Fjord, including a maritime test carrier in the form of the modular ship "WaveLab". The "WaveLab" has an emission-free propulsion system and can be controlled (semi-)autonomously thanks to a variety of sensors. In addition to the stakeholders from science and industry directly involved in the project, it will also be available to other interest groups in the future for various research and development purposes, especially in the areas of environment, propulsion technology & autonomous driving. As a flexible research platform, the "WaveLab" is intended to open up a wide range of possibilities for testing diverse technologies in the digital test field.