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According to a study by the Berkeley Research Group in cooperation with Qualcomm Technologies , the imminent introduction of 5G mobile networks heralds a new era of personalized healthcare and significant growth in the industry. The market researcher from IHS Markit estimates the market to be worth around USD 1.1 trillion. This value is due in particular to a significant redesign of healthcare and to new business models. 5G will affect healthcare in predictive analytics, remote diagnosis and image analysis in particular, and also affect systems for the long-term monitoring of patients.

However, one thing must be made clear: it’s not just the 5G mobile network alone that can achieve these things. Only the use of IoT applications across telemedicine platforms, for example, that enable coordinated care by integrating sensors, in combination with other technologies, will bring success. By the end of 2020, according to the official 5G strategy for Germany , the prerequisites for the commercial market entry of 5G networks will be in place in Germany.