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The demand for minerals in the world is growing rapidly, and the mining industry need to be more efficient and more sustainable. Mining industries are conservative and little digitalised, despite access to a lot of data. One of the main challenges are getting out more mineral and less waste rock. Today there are not any solutions providing data from mining operations on a daily basis. This means that mining companies have small possibilities to enhance their mining process. This The Coring Company is dedicated to change.

A more efficient resource utilisation

The Coring Company has developed a unique patented technology, extracting borehole cuttings during operational drilling. Sample data can be directly integrated into the resource model, providing a much more precise model. Furthermore, by combining data from drilling machines and the cuttings samples, the Machine Learning module can predict the content of a specific area being worked on, thereby enabling more efficient resource utilisation.

The Coring Company have developed a software-platform, the sample control system (SCS). This software platform offers advanced tools for collecting and processing operational data on a daily basis. Supported by our patented hardware, the Cuttings Sample Unit (CSU), this technology validates the gathered data, empowering mine owners and contractors to optimize their operations effectively.

Cuttings Sampler Unit (CSU)

The CSU is a unique patented technology for borehole sampling. It can be utilized both during production drilling and in conjunction with core drilling to take precise and representative samples. It’s designed to fit with all types of drilling equipment and is mounted directly behind the drill bit. The collected samples are sent to the laboratory for analysis. The CSU has minimal impact on the drilling operation itself, except for an additional process for emptying and cleaning the CSU.

This hardware is to be used with the Sample Control System Software (SCS Mining). Users can plan and perform the sampling during regular production drilling. Utilising the CSU and the SCS Mining software will lead to more efficient extraction of minerals and a better understanding of the mine. This will result in increased profitability and potential reductions in mass transportation to disposal sites, thus leading to lower CO2 emissions.

Supporting the green transition

The global mining industry is under pressure to secure access to Rare Earth minerals to support the green transition (i.e. batteries). The Coring Company’s sample control system directly addresses these market pressures.

About the company
The Coring Company is an innovative start-up company, providing novel solutions for ground investigation industries. Working with both hardware and software, the company solves some of the major challenges surrounding the green transition and enabling industries. We currently are a team of 14 people, mainly located in Mo i Rana, just below the Arctic Circle in Norway.