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The HARTING Technology Group, based in Espelkamp in eastern Westphalia, is one of the world's leading suppliers of industrial connection technology. HARTING's expanded portfolio also includes checkout zones for the retail sector, electromagnetic actuators for automotive and industrial series production, charging equipment for electric vehicles, as well as hardware and software for customers and applications in automation technology, mechanical and plant engineering, robotics and the transport sector, among others.

Move closer together!

With the new Han-Modular Domino modules, the East Westphalians are now igniting the next expansion stage of their modular connectors. By saving space and weight compared to conventional Han-Modular interfaces, the clever Domino system should help to get by with fewer interfaces in the future. Or to put it another way: thanks to miniaturization, HARTING can now accommodate more modular components than before in one connector. As a result, four - instead of the previous two - different modular interfaces now fit into a standard size 6 B housing.

Cube with the Domino

Similar to the well-known Domino game pieces, the new Domino module is also composed of two separate fields - or rather, two building blocks - which are called "cubes" and are just half the size of the classic Han modular modules. These cubes can now be individually combined in the connector according to requirements. On the one hand, this increases flexibility, and on the other, thanks to the Domino modules, twice the number of connection solutions can be accommodated in the same installation space.

Anything goes...

As already mentioned, the cubes give you a free hand when it comes to combinations. For example, pin and socket contacts can be placed together on one side of the interface. Whether data, signal or power modules - almost all arrangements and combinations should be feasible. And so, from just a few basic modules, a whole range of connection solutions is created, which can also be scaled according to requirements.

...and even faster

With their aforementioned properties, Han-Modular Domino modules not only respond to the need for flexible solutions and savings in installation space and weight in connection technology, installers and service technicians also benefit from significantly shorter assembly times. This is because modular connectors are generally easier to install than several individual interfaces of different transmission types. And of course, the Domino modules are fully compatible with the existing components of the Han-Modular series, the market standard for modular connectors.