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The purpose of cogeneration (CHP) systems is to generate heat and electricity simultaneously, and ideally in the place where both forms of energy are needed. CHP can in principle significantly reduce energy consumption and emissions, which is already largely the case for thermal power plants, whose residual heat is also used for district heating. CHP technology is also used very successfully on a smaller scale in Dutch greenhouse operations. The next step to come is micro-CHP systems where heat generation is the primary aim. Here, electricity is generated as a byproduct – at a nearly unbeatably low cost. The micro-CHP’s main advantage, however, is that the energy generated by its fuel is utilized almost in its entirety. Dutch company Micro Turbine Technology is presenting the EnerTwin, a micro-CHP system using innovative turbine technology, at HANNOVER MESSE 2014.

The EnerTwin is a micro-CHP heating system that generates electricity, which also makes it ideal in combination with existing heating systems. The heart of the EnerTwin is a microturbine with a recuperator and generator for power generation, where the heat produced is passed through a heat exchanger for heating and hot water. The turbine provides thermal output of 14.4kW as well as electrical output of 3kW. EnerTwin is the first micro-CHP system based on such a micro gas turbine, which together with proven individual components forms a compact, durable unit.

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