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What is the name of your product?

OnRobot RG2-FT

What is new/innovative about it?

The RG2-FT gripper was developed to expand the concept of intelligent automation: it enables companies to use collaborative robotics for high-precision assembly tasks without significant additional effort. It has been on the market since December 2018 and is in industrial use.

The RG2-FT is the first intelligent gripper on the market: its sensor technology not only allows it to "see" and "feel", but also to translate the corresponding input into consistent action steps. This enables it to handle even inaccurately placed parts, even if their parameters cannot be programmed in advance.

The product consists of an OnRobot RG2 gripper, in whose "fingertips" two 6-axis force/torque sensors are integrated. In addition, a proximity sensor is installed in the middle of each of these sensors. The RG2-FT is mounted directly on the robot arm and is compatible with a wide range of robot models. The 6-axis force/torque sensors work with a unique optical technology using different types of elastomers to precisely measure the position of the workpiece. Operation is via the robot's user interface, which further simplifies handling.

What is the product’s main benefit for the customer?

  • The RG2-FT is designed for the cooperation with the human being and can relieve this person in a targeted way. Its technology makes it possible to automate ergonomically stressful and monotonous precision work that previously could only be done with human dexterity. This frees up valuable resources in times of a shortage of skilled workers, which can be used for more demanding tasks. Thus, the application supports the further development of the worker from unskilled worker to machine operator. This ultimately also makes the work of the individual employee more pleasant and efficient.
  • Thanks to the easy implementation and user-friendliness, employees can operate the gripper intuitively and reprogram the application quickly. Tactile gripping makes it easy to use the gripper for a variety of workpieces. This allows companies to react quickly to individual product requests and guarantee flexible and efficient production.
  • The integrated sensor technology prevents mistakes because the gripper recognizes where an object is located and where it must and must not approach it. This has a positive effect on the productivity and energy efficiency of the user.
  • The RG2-FT opens up new areas of application (e.g. assembly of metal shafts and watch gears) for collaborating robots, taking Smart Factory and human-robot collaboration to the next level. By being able to do precision work, it increases the efficiency of operations and makes them more productive.
  • Why would you call your product “intelligent”?

    The integrated sensor technology avoids mistakes, as the gripper recognizes where an object lies and where it must and must not attach it. This has a positive effect on the productivity and energy efficiency of the user.

    Are there any other important points that you can think of?

    The integrated software ensures simple automation of complicated tasks and fast reprogramming, which additionally accelerates the processes. For companies, the short integration time of the application means a quick return on investment and increased sales. In particular, the RG2-FT is used for pick-and-place tasks, machine loading and precision assembly, handling mainly small and fragile workpieces.