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The factory of the future can be as digital as it wants to be - but it will still need gates. All the same, they won't just be any gates, no - they'll be state-of-the-art safety gate systems. More than ever, these systems will take on crucial functions that ensure production processes run smoothly and with as few interruptions as possible. Pilz, an innovative international company that specializes in automation technology and is totally dedicated to safety, is at HANNOVER MESSE 2018 to unveil its new modular safety gate system live on a working model.

Besides its impressive gate systems, Pilz has also had its sights very firmly set on Industry 4.0 for quite some time. As a result, visitors can look forward to an impressive demonstration of just how quickly the Pilz smart factory can adapt to new market scenarios. For example, the new manual workplace allows users to start manufacturing an additional product without having to interrupt the existing process. What's more, since robots are soon to start working right alongside staff at manual workplaces, Pilz is also demonstrating how dynamic sensors can be used to put in place bespoke safety systems for areas and spaces in front of hazard zones. Three products from the Pilz sensor range are responsible for this tailor-made safety - the PSENscan safety laser scanner, the PSENmat pressure-sensitive safety mat and the SafetyEYE safe camera system.