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The merger of the three Cobot producers Perception Robotics, OptoForce , and OnRobot , which will continue under the name OnRobot, is to promote the continuous growth of collaborative robotics according to statements by the company. Above all, the merger is a step towards the goal of becoming the world’s leading provider in the development and production of gripping systems. Because OnRobot is supposed to continue to expand. CEO Enrico Krog Iversen expects sales of more than $100 million “within a few years.” New regional offices are planned to be opened in 2018. The company operates from Denmark and is already present in Germany and China. The three units will continue their work independently, according to OnRobot.

The potential is great. Although the share of Cobots in the total number of industrial robots sold is still small, according to IRR (International Federation of Robotics) and Loup Ventures . However, the experts predict the segment’s rapid growth. Iversen considers large companies as well as small and medium-sized companies as a target group. The small footprint of the Cobots and their secure cooperation with people makes it easier for the medium-sized companies to survive in global competition.

Denmark thus strengthens its reputation as the center of Cobot development. Just a few days before the announcement of the merger, the startup Kassow Robots introduced itself to the public. The Copenhagen-based company’s specialty is its seven-axis industrial lightweight Cobot.