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Making a realistic assessment of the threat situation facing your own company demands profound expertise, an understanding of attack vectors, methods and processes in the so-called kill chain, IT architectures, emergency plans, defensive strategies, and the psychology of hackers. What's more, it's important to know the current awareness level of your company' own employees.

It's not easy to get to grips with this complicated and heavyweight subject matter. That is where the Industrial Security Circus comes in. It smoothens the process of getting to know the topic, and is primarily intended for visitors from small and medium-sized enterprises. The aim is to inform them about the defensive strategies and solutions available on the market from the IT security industry.

The Industrial Security Circus offers a mix of entertainment, IT security training and new ways of imparting knowledge, as well as well-founded, useful technologies, and product and service offerings. The focus here is on operational technology security (OT security). Exactly 40 exhibitors will be present on the joint stand and putting the circus concept into effect with their exhibits. The background is the idea that, for example, a conjurer in the circus uses similar methods of distraction, manipulation, and deception as tech-savvy hackers do.

The Industrial Security Circus will be accompanied by a forum. The topics there include "Managing a cyber-security breach: effective incident response in OT environments", "IT security in the production environment" or "Countdown to disaster: how hackers cause a cyber catastrophe, and what you can do about it".