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Hall 4

Two key areas in metalworking are located in the center of Industrial Supply.

Metal cutting manufacturing is represented by hidden champions such as mbo Oßwald, WAIDELICH-mechanik, and USD Formteiltechnik. Milled, turned, and drilled components for manufacturing systems engineering, mechanical connecting elements from steel, stainless steel, and non-ferrous metals, fork heads and joints, folding spring bolts, ball sockets and pivots, joint bearings, shaft locking clips and complete component groups dominate the scene in Hall 4.

Sheet forming specialists from around the world are displaying their products here. Metal specialists such as Lesjöfors Industrial Springs & Pressings, Euscher, Herpertz Präzision B. Herpertz, and Hubert Stüken CEFEG are showcasing high-quality punching and flexible components and demonstrating the newest methods for punch drawing, ironing, punch-bending and stamping.

The sector is responding to industry needs for lightweight construction and integration by modernizing development and manufacturing processes. Ultra-high-strength steels are being treated and sheet thickness reduced. Composite constructions with aluminum and plastic are spreading. Press line and installation engineering are making progress along with tool developments and quality control.

Digitalization is having an effect on all areas of sheet metal forming and metal cutting production. In Hall 4 it is clear that SME suppliers of metal components have become globally integrated development partners of Industrie 4.0.

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