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Four central trends can be identified in the field of drive technology: resource and energy efficiency, more power in a smaller installation space, digitization and intelligence as well as low production costs for manufacturers and low investment costs for users. Although most of these goals are not new, they are currently being taken to new heights.

Take Siemens for example: At Simotics IQ , the operating and status parameters are collected, wirelessly transferred to the MindSphere cloud, and analyzed. This is the IoT drives scenario that Siemens envisages for its new low-voltage motors. The integration of multiple motors makes it possible to monitor their overall condition and manage the installed fleet of motors; energy consumption is monitored and maintenance planning is optimized. The overall goal is to improve productivity and availability. Back in April 2017 , Siemens had already prepared a digitization package with an updated generation of motors from the Simotics SD (severe duty) series, thus providing a possible answer to the current challenges facing drive technology.