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The two-seater mini helicopter SureFly from the American company Workhorse weighs a mere 500 kg. Its low weight is mainly due to the carbon fiber materials making up the body, the propellers and large parts of the interior. The SureFly is powered by a gasoline engine that generates electricity for the electric motors, which in turn drive the eight rotors. Including the payload, they should be able to fly up to 680 kg, i.e. two passengers or one pilot plus luggage.

The helicopter reaches a speed of about 110 km/h and should be able to remain in the air for about one hour, after which it needs to be refueled. An additional battery provides a safety reserve of five minutes in case the main engine fails. According to Workhorse, although two or three of the eight rotors - each powered by their own electric motors - are allowed to fail, such as after colliding with a bird, the SureFly would still be able to land safely. As a further safety measure, the central control computer and the electrical system have a redundant design. The octocopter is also equipped with emergency parachutes for the passengers.