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For the first time last year, more than one million purely electric automobiles were sold in China, the USA and the five leading European companies. The growth is particularly apparent compared to the previous year: the increase corresponds to about 70%. Even though the market share in Germany is minimal, the international trend is already having a positive impact on the acceptance of e-vehicles, reports PwC : “It could motivate manufacturers to offer a wider choice of products.” If you add in hybrid vehicles and plug-ins, a total of 2.6 million electric or partially electric automobiles were licensed in 2018 in the markets analyzed.

E-automobiles are booming, in particular, where vehicle, environmental and energy policy are pursuing the same objectives, the report goes on to conclude. In Germany, the National Platform for the Future of Mobility could play an important part in coordination. It should be developing an action plan in the areas of politics, the economy and society.