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To reduce the volume of a gas, you must compress it, that is, make it denser. Devices that perform this task are called compressors or condensers – and there are many types. One of the most common is the screw compressor, based on an idea reaching back to 1878, which makes it a highly developed piece of everyday technology today. This did not stop VERT Rotors UK of Edinburgh, Scotland from taking the design even further – to arrive at a completely new product development. The Scottish firm is presenting its Highly Efficient Conical Screw Compressor (HRC) with well-deserved pride at HANNOVER MESSE 2014.

Its innovative helical rotary compressor (HRC) operates much more efficiently than conventional screw compressors with 25 to 50 percent higher maximum compression at one-third of the usual size. The HRC’s principle is based on two screw-form cones that rotate one within the other. The off-center axis of the inner rotor creates tapering chambers that compress the inflowing gas. VERT Rotors is marketing its invention mainly in the form of individual 3D CAD models custom-designed to the compression and power requirements of each customer. The corresponding HRC designs can then be produced by established manufacturers.

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