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The Solar Tower from HKW Solar-Energiesysteme not only provides enough solar power to power e-bike charging stations, chalets, or the like, but the versatile installation is also a great way for companies to make a clear statement about their commitment to the environment. Depending on the model, the Solar Tower is 6-8 m high, with three to five rows of four monocrystalline PV modules each at this height, whereby the vertical arrangement of the panels minimizes exposure of the solar cells to dirt, dust, and snow. The modules can be tilted to boost the solar harvest.

The NQR256A back contact modules from Sharp that are used stand out for their high output of 250 W each, compact dimensions (1,318 × 980 × 46 mm), and 19.8% efficiency rate. Most importantly, though, the contacts on this model are on the back, thereby significantly minimizing reflection losses. In the case of an 8 m-high mast, 20 modules each generate 250 W, equaling a total of 5 kW. The same height Solar Tower is also available with 16 modules, or a 6 m Solar Tower is available with twelve modules.