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The AWS Institute for digitized products and processes is an independent body that researches new technologies and develops innovative business models, placing great value on closely combining research, innovation and entrepreneurship right from the get-go. The institute is at HANNOVER MESSE 2018 to showcase predictive quality - a preventive, data-based approach for designing and implementing quality assurance in manufacturing sectors. The AWS Institute uses artificial intelligence and machine learning methods to perform automated analyses on data obtained from quality controls and returns and thus identify correlations between product characteristics and quality. Findings are then fed into the continuous product development process, where developers are supported by an assistance system.

In contrast to predictive analysis, which only attempts to forecast future quality issues, predictive quality goes one step further. Implementing a holistic approach in which the causes of errors are analyzed and an assistance system is utilized helps to prevent errors right from the outset. The system provides recommendations for optimizing product development and displays the alternatives and economic consequences of product-related decisions. Design and quality are thereby perfectly balanced and the potential for errors significantly reduced, even before the development process has been completed. Predictive quality is primarily aimed at optimizing quality assurance in sectors with creative product design and for high-variant manufacturing.