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Stockholm-based Clean Bio Heat is an energy-sector start-up that has developed a truly unique technical solution - its FGR system. At the Swedish Energy Agency pavilion in Hall 12 at HANNOVER MESSE 2019, the company is demonstrating how its FGR system can be used to reduce particles in flue gas, while also recovering heat from the condensed flue gas.

To recover heat, the FGR uses the exhaust gases from biomass boilers in the 100- to 1000-kilowatt range. To ensure this process runs as efficiently as possible, Clean Bio Heat uses its patented control system for the condensation process. At the same time, the resulting high level of condensation also reduces particle emissions, with larger soot particles captured in the condensation, and smaller particles removed in a subsequent cleaning step. Overall, this system is said to cut particle emissions by up to 90 percent, while also improving energy efficiency by approximately 20 percent. The recovered heat is then fed back into the boiler or used in a secondary heating system. Thanks to the high degree of condensation, the system’s exhaust gases are both dry and cool, eliminating the risk of condensation in the chimney.