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Above all, development is driven by electromobility. The consultants list Daimler and BMW as examples of companies which are developing a shared mobility platform in the form of Share Now . This could make it quicker and easier to bring offers onto the market. Partners are also becoming increasingly important as toeholds for entry into new markets. Outdated IT infrastructure often leads to problems: Consultants state that the industry “has to invest massively in continuous digital business processes”, especially when it comes to connecting digital platforms or setting up digital ecosystems. That is why companies are moving closer to the digital industry. Here, generally speaking, the establishment of company-own 5G networks would not be possible for a manufacturer.

auto motor und sport magazine recently published an entire list of cooperations in the automobile industry that are being planned or already underway. This includes the joint venture Ionity , involving the four manufacturers BMW, Daimler, Ford and VW. The aim of the project is to install considerably more charging stations for electric cars throughout Europe and thus improve the infrastructure.