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Dedicated to developing and manufacturing technical plastic components - which often require sealing solutions - Pöppelmann’s K-TECH division has decided to expand its portfolio to take sealing reliability to a whole new level. Using an injection molding process for two-component liquid silicone rubber (LSR), the company now offers an efficient solution for manufacturing workpieces to meet particularly stringent sealing and temperature requirements.

In this new process, the thermoplastic (the hard component) is molded first, and then the LSR (the soft component) is injected on top. This 2C LSR technology makes it possible to reliably overmold different materials in a single, fully automated production process. Depending on the combination of materials, the hard and soft components in question can even be chemically bonded, in addition to achieving the sealant effect. What's more, LSR is odor-free and boasts a series of outstanding properties - yielding excellent results in compression set testing while also ensuring resistance to weathering, aging and UV rays and thus providing a dependable seal with high tolerances. The ability of 2C LSR technology to produce solutions that reliably safeguard against moisture, chemicals and high and low temperatures is of particular interest for the automobile industry. But, as K-TECH points out, the process is also well-suited to the electronics, electrical, energy, household goods, transportation, medical and cosmetics sectors – and indeed many more besides.

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