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The logistics industry is under pressure and is reliant on innovative solutions. Magazino is a technological leader, especially in intralogistics. The flagship project is the Toru robot , which moves around in warehouses almost as freely as humans. Using 2D and 3D cameras, it locates individual objects and can deliver the product in exact quantities. Toru also works with people and brings employees the desired products directly for shipping or further processing.

In addition to the online mail order company Zalando, the technology group Körber and the logistics giant Fiege from Münsterland have also been investing in the startup since the recent round of financing. Fiege has been working with Magazino for a long time. Both of them were awarded second place with Toru in the German Logistics Prize 2017 competition in October. Noteworthy is that Siemens has held a stake in Magazino since 2015. “This financing round shows the enormous boost this new type of robotics is experiencing,” said co-founder Frederik Brantner with satisfaction.