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The Mantis stereomicroscope family from Vision Engineering has been used in tens of thousands of production, development and research facilities worldwide for 30 years. Now a new generation of Mantis is ready to make things even better. "The new third generation Mantis offers the best of both worlds: superior ergonomics and optical image quality combined with the latest digital imaging technology," explains Mark Curtis, Managing Director of the British microscope manufacturer, which is one of the world's leading providers of innovative and ergonomic inspection, measurement and digital 3D visualization solutions.

Without eyepiece

The new Mantis 3rd Gen series, named after ERGO, PIXO and IOTA, has been developed for optical inspection in precision mechanics, electronics, medical technology and a variety of other applications that require high quality images and excellent ergonomics. The trio features a patented design that delivers a brilliant optical stereo image with a large field of view and unique eyepiece-less technology, which is intended to ensure even more comfortable and easier viewing than before - and than with conventional microscopes.

High resolution camera option included

Mantis 3rd Gen combines optical stereo imaging with high-resolution camera options for intuitive inspection and image capture, providing the perfect foundation for the rapid hand-eye coordination and depth perception required for manipulation, repair and dissection tasks. A magnification of 3x to 15x and a maximum working distance of 114 millimeters allow almost all common inspections in the daily work process.

Extended range of features

The new Mantis 3rd Gen, now equipped with a nosepiece for three magnifications, is also characterized by a large image section and excellent 3D stereo viewing. In addition, it has five different illumination modes as standard, so that the illumination of the component or sample can be flexibly adjusted to obtain the perfect image for the user's needs.

Conquering new fields of application

In addition to its outstanding image quality and ergonomics, the Mantis PIXO version also features a powerful digital imaging system that makes it easy to capture, review and share high-resolution images. This makes it easy to collaborate with colleagues, document results and train new employees effectively. Extensive research and development has also resulted in a range of new stand variants that offer even more flexibility, stability and a smaller footprint. Mantis stereomicroscopes have already been used in a wide range of applications, but Vision Engineering is now looking to expand into new fields with the enhanced technical capabilities of the Mantis 3rd Gen.