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Daimler Trucks’ concept aims to enable trucks to carry out legally-binding transactions in order to relieve haulers and drivers of their administrative work. As part of a pilot project in cooperation with Commerzbank , the first fully automated payment by a truck at a charging station has already been successfully made.

The truck is equipped with a ‘Truck-ID’, which it can use to identify itself to other machines. The ‘Truck Wallet’ – an electronic wallet – is also required. Both are stored encrypted within a cryptographic processor in the truck. The payment recipient requests the digital payment to be transferred to their account. According to Daimler, the system fulfils the strict requirements of the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority ( BaFin ). In addition to refueling, a broad range of additional transactions are possible, such as processing truck tolls, issuing electronic freight papers, billing subcontractors, and processing short-term use contracts.