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Ultracapacitors are fast-storage media and store energy in an electric field, while batteries store energy as a chemical reaction. Unlike batteries, ultracapacitors can therefore be charged and discharged in less than a second and support 1 million charge cycles; this represents more than 15 years of durability. In combination with batteries, they increase battery durability, while reducing fuel consumption for hybrid vehicles and transportation.

Skeleton Technologies from Großröhrsdorf is developing graphene-based ultracapacitors. For this purpose, Saxony-based company is conducting intensive research work on the use of graphene as well as cell and module development. Scientists from the Dresden University of Applied Sciences ( HTW Dresden ) have recently been assisting the development team. For its product portfolio, Skeleton Technologies was included in the Global Cleantech 100 of the Cleantech Group for the third time in a row at the beginning of 2018. This is a list of innovative companies that are considered as having considerable market potential for the next 5 to 10 years.