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Specializing in virtualization solutions for the engineering industry, it-RSC GmbH has completed an exceptionally diverse range of projects over the years. Thanks to high-performance technology from partners including Dell EMC, Nvidia and Riverbed, the company always puts speed and user experience center stage. To support these projects, it-RSC GmbH developed the vCAX hardware platform, a high-performance virtualization system that can be used to implement all kinds of engineering processes in virtual form. The north German IT experts are at HANNOVER MESSE this year to showcase a new highly innovative engineering solution they have added to their portfolio – the brand new HoloLens from Microsoft is a fully self-contained, wireless computer built into a pair of glasses.

Using HoloLens, it-RSC GmbH developed a range of practical "use cases" – some of which have already been implemented – to support engineers across different sectors. From process automation and support right through to maintenance, HoloLens serves as a visual interface for applications that were previously unimaginable. Based on this mixed-reality technology, it-RSC offers customers an unprecedented range of new ideas and possibilities. HoloLens is easy to control via gestures, eye movement and voice command, while the holograms produced in the glasses are superimposed onto the surrounding environment without obscuring it completely. The holograms can also be fixed in place so that users can walk around them, discover different planes, receive instructions and much more. At HANNOVER MESSE 2017, it-RSC GmbH is giving visitors an opportunity to experience its virtualization solution in action – by using HoloLens to explore a BMW engine.