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In order to save money on hardware tests and prototypes, 3D simulations are currently the way to go. However, they are being used more and more as a way to increase product quality and process security, and reduce costs. All providers of CAD, CAM, CAE, PLM and MES have features in their programs that enable three-dimensional depictions of products, machine tools, manufacturing facilities and even entire factories.

A main hub for numeric simulation, additive manufacturing and 3D visualization at HANNOVER MESSE is the group pavilion CAE Forum. In exhibits and over 50 presentations, simulation experts will present examples of quality assurance in virtual product development for various industries. Other topics include 3D printing, CFD, structural durability, MBS, wind power, IT services, thermal management, simulation as a tool for integrated product policy (IPP), and much more.

"Seeing is Believing: Fields of application and advantages of interactive 3D visualization for technical products" is the title of the lecture by Dr. Henry Wojcik from the Dresden company 3D:it.

"Companies are often unaware of the enormous potential CAD data has outside product development"

The presentation, which will be repeated on Friday at 12 p.m., addresses the many ways interactive 3D visualization can be used and illustrates the technical and economic advantages in the various phases of the product life cycle.

At the group pavilion 3D:it is also demonstrating a complete, realistic 3D model of a factory – including all machines and work stations. The factory can be viewed and inspected in real time. “We consolidate all the necessary data from various planning programs to create an interactive 3D factory that is formatted so that it can be used on conventional PCs and laptops,” states 3D:it. New industrial premises and production facilities can therefore be toured and evaluated before they are finished. This enables earlier acquisition and production at the new plant. Furthermore, investment costs can be written off more quickly.

This year the special display Technology Cinema 3D is a part of the CAE Forum. Its objective is to counteract the bias that 3D is difficult to use. Under the motto SIMPLYFY 3D, it will address visualization, virtual reality and process integration. What hardware and software is needed to operate 3D visualization sensibly and practically? AR and VR providers such as Metaio and Haption will answer this question using examples from daily industrial routines.