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Companies can drastically reduce their energy costs by using ventilation and air conditioning technology. Exhibitors at Energy are making the calculations.

The market for central ventilation and air conditioning units is growing in Germany and Europe. Commissioned by the German AHU Manufacturer Association, a study by the Trier University of Applied Sciences found that central air handling units were able to recover around 20.1 TWh of heat in Germany in 2013. The researchers are predicting an increase to around 33.2 TWh by 2020.

The Energy Saving Ordinances EnEV 2014 (EU) and EnEG 2013 (Germany) dictate the use of waste heat recovery units for air handling units with a flow rate of over 4000 m3/h. While government policy is casting its eye on energy and carbon savings, Europe’s industry is looking at cost and competitive advantages. According to calculations by Keller Lufttechnik GmbH waste heat recovery can reduce the power needed by a facility with a 10,000 cubic meters flow rate by more than 70 percent.

Entirely different sectors of industrial manufacturing need to treat exhaust air and/or ambient air. The spectrum ranges from chemical operations and labs to many metalworking areas and from composite manufacturing to painting plants and other surface treatment units.

Ventilation systems are energy hogs in coatings technology in particular. This is reason enough to make resource efficiency a decisive factor in choosing units and components since ventilation technology is an effective place to reduce energy requirements in production.

"The new technologies available on the market will be showcased in the new display category Energy & Environmental Engineering," says Marc Siemering, Senior Vice-President of HANNOVER MESSE, Deutsche Messe AG. "Leading providers of ventilation systems will exhibit components, entire plants and sector-specific system solutions which are distinguished by low energy consumption." In addition, the focus will be on lighting technology and water treatment.

Among the exhibitors is LTA Lufttechnische Anlagen GmbH. It specializes in complete ventilation and air conditioning systems and configures highly efficient supply and exhaust air units for industrial plants, printing plants and data processing centers. Keller Lufttechnik GmbH manufactures exhaust systems and filters for almost every industrial sector. Among other things, it focuses on tailored volume flow control and the recovery of heat from process cycles. At HANNOVER MESSE the company will present sample calculations for how these technologies quickly pay off thanks to reduced energy requirements.

Nestro Lufttechnik GmbH is displaying a special extraction system for paint shops. The “Perfekt K17” line contains optimized air flow ducts, highly efficient ventilators and greatly reduced heat energy requirements. According to manufacturer information, users can save up to seventy percent on their energy bills.

Venjakob Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co. KG. also focuses on the coating technology industry. The Venjakob range includes the "Ven Clean Air ER" exhaust air cleaning system with integrated heat exchangers to recover energy and regenerative incinerators to treat solvent-containing air pollutants. It has low energy needs and a high deposition rate.