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More than 150 exhibitors from Indonesia, this year's Partner Country of HANNOVER MESSE, will come to the world's leading trade fair for industry, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as large industrial companies, plus start-ups, industrial parks, industrial associations and also ministries and government institutions. Batik Teknologi Indonesia is one of the rather small representatives - which should correspond all the more to our traditional image of the vital island state. The still rather young company from Bantul on the island of Java has, as the company name suggests, devoted itself entirely to the subject of batik ("mbatik" - Javanese for "writing with wax"). This is the textile dyeing process originating in Indonesia, in which patterns and decorations are applied to the fabric - usually cotton, linen or silk - by hand with liquid wax using a tool known as tjanting or canting. Covered in this way, these areas are not washed through when the fabric is subsequently dyed in the dye bath and thus retain their original colour.

The team around Muhammad Abrori, CEO of Batik Teknologi, is now dedicated to bringing the traditional craft into the digital age - and this concerns the entire process, from batik processing to dyeing, from design to production and from raw material to the finished product. The solutions on display in Hanover start with digital batik design, i.e. the creation of batik motifs with the help of computers and software. Here, the company moves between classic batik motifs and ethnic to modern and contemporary ones. The designs are then realised either traditionally by hand or, increasingly, with the specially developed "butimo" batik machine. This machine is based on the traditional standards of lettering batik, i.e. the application of hot wax with the trowel, followed by manual finishing. In the meantime, the "butimo" batik machine, which is protected by various patents, is used in more than 150 SMEs.

Also on show in Hanover is the Batik 4.0 application, which is currently in the finalisation phase. It is intended to make it even easier for users to produce customised batiks. Among other things, Batik 4.0 is equipped with colour functions, estimated production times, price calculations, payment and order tracking. There are plans to network the application with the batik machines in the butimo workshop in order to expand production even more on an industrial scale in the future.