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The Bremen Institute for Production and Logistics, or BIBA for short, is an engineering research institute run as a limited liability company, which was founded in 1981 as one of the first affiliated institutes of the University of Bremen. (Affiliated institutes are legally independent institutions at German universities that are linked to them in terms of organisation, personnel and space, but do not form an integral part of the respective university). Today, the BIBA is one of the major research institutions in the state of Bremen and is characterised by its interdisciplinary, inter-institutional and application-oriented approaches in the field of production technology. In research, development and transfer, BIBA combines the focal points of production and logistics with a view of both processes and products. In this way, it has developed a distinctive profile over the years and established itself as an interface between science and industry.

Premiere in Hanover

In April 2023, the BIBA will present itself for the first time at the HANNOVER MESSE 2023, where it will present a whole series of current or recently completed projects. The first category includes UPMASS (Unified Predictive Maintenance and Scheduling System), which as an EIT Manufacturing project (EIT Manufacturing is a consortium of 50 European partners from 17 countries) aims to provide a uniform solution that combines predictive maintenance with production planning and scheduling. UPMASS is based on the results of two Horizon 2020 predecessor projects, UPTIME and SERENA. With their help, it should be possible to bring an integrated IIoT solution to the market that covers the entire pipeline from sensor data acquisition and data analysis to monitoring the condition of the plant and enables predictive maintenance strategies.

What belongs together grows together

The envisaged UPMASS solution is to provide an open, scalable and adaptable architecture resulting from the merging of the aforementioned predecessor projects: Thus, based on UPTIME, a software component for data acquisition, analysis and generation of predictive maintenance diagnostics will be generated, which has been further developed within the framework of the UPMASS project. SERENA, in turn, will be the basis for another software solution for maintenance-conscious production planning and scheduling. The end result should be a solution that is able to plan and schedule maintenance and production processes holistically and allocate production resources appropriately.