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Large shafts move large masses. And the bigger the shaft, the more important the precision and uniformity of its rotation. Even the smallest initial imbalance, undetected, can cause devastating damage. But conditions in the hull of a supertanker or at the top of a wind turbine are generally not ideal for taking precise measurements. Baumer has developed the HDmag flex tension band sensor for particularly wide shafts and difficult environments, and is presenting it exclusively at HANNOVER MESSE 2014.

Behind the HDmag flex is a revolutionary patent-pending design for precision measurement of angular position and rotational speed in large shafts. A precisely coded magnetic measuring device is designed for the circumference of the desired shaft and coiled up for transport. Upon assembly it is simply attached to the generator or drive shaft like a belt, and attached with a tightening strap. A single person can attach it to even the largest shafts. The shaft remains fully assembled, and there are no dismantling or adaptation costs. HDmag flex is suitable for shafts of any diameter; any model can be delivered quickly, with no one-off costs even for single pieces.

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