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Since its introduction in 2012, the German Design Award has become one of the most important prizes for innovative product design. Every year, an international jury of experts selects the best products. They are all united by a pioneering design that also has an impact beyond Germany. The selection takes place in a multi-stage judging process and a two-day jury meeting. The products are honored in the categories "Excellent Product Design", "Excellent Communications Design" and "Excellent Architecture" with the respective "Gold", "Winner" and "Special Mention" awards. This year, the Essen-based automation specialist ifm received the Winner Award for its moneo RTM software.

The award-winning moneo RTM - short for Real-Time Maintenance - is a sub-module of the moneo IIoT platform, which is now established in many industries and with which the company offers technologies ranging from data evaluation to the configuration of sensors under one roof. With moneo RTM, users can set up user-specific dashboards that provide a constant overview of the current application status. In the event of a fault, the software immediately sounds the alarm so that a quick response is possible and a costly and lengthy total failure can be avoided. With detailed data analyses, industrial companies achieve less downtime, more effective maintenance planning and cost-optimized production processes.

For ifm, the moneo RTM award is actually not the first design prize. In 2021, the DV21XX signal light, the SM6020 flow sensor and the KQ10XX level sensor were recognized for their excellent product design, and three ifm products had already won the award the year before. The company also received the Red Dot Design Award in 2015, 2016, 2018, 2020 and 2023, most recently this year for the O3R camera platform, the OVP800 video processing unit and the Multicover Puck.