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Guided by the Chengdu Municipal People’s Government and the Sichuan Provincial Economic and Information Department, co-organized by Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai and Donghao Lansheng Shanghai Industry & Commerce Exhibition, the Chengdu International Industry Fair 2021 (CDIIF) will be held in the Western China International Expo City from 22-24 April .

Under the theme of “Get the Technology First”, CDIIF 2021 comprises 7 industrial sectors of Industrial Automation, Metalworking and CNC Machine Tool, Metro Transit, Robotics, Energy-saving & Industrial Accessory, Advanced Material and Information & Communication Technology, to fully display every key aspects in the industrial chain of smart manufacturing. CDIIF 2021 serves as a bridge for highly efficient interaction between upstream and downstream enterprises, supports the integrated development of digital technology and manufacturing, and propels a new round of industrial capacity development in the western region.

600 leading industrial manufacturing companies make their debut after the pandemic with a focus on industrial solutions of intelligent manufacturing for the western region

As a crucial industrial exhibition in the west region of China which marks the beginning of the “14th Five Year Plan (2020-2025)”, the first edition of CDIIF gives full play to the brand influence and geographical advantages, attracting 600 high quality manufacturers to participate. Numerous domestic and foreign leading enterprises will make their debut in the industrial exhibition for the western region of China after the outbreak of the pandemic on a total display area of 50,000 sqm where the latest products and technologies that are most fitting for the reality of the western region of China will be presented. On top of orienting the industrial development in the western China for a new era, CDIIF will contribute to the high quality development of the 14th Five Year Plan.

The Sichuan Industrial Pavilion in Hall 11 covers six sectors: new infrastructure, new design, new product categories, new smart manufacturing, new materials and new energy. A large number of local manufacturing enterprises will bring cutting-edge products of high-tech industries such as electronic information, mobile communications, automobile manufacturing, bio-medicine, aviation and satellite application equipment, along with simulation design.

On this concentrated exhibition area for the industrial achievements in Sichuan Province, a first-class window showing Sichuan industry to the world and a professional platform created for the communication, cooperation and common development for the upstream and downstream of the local industrial chain, the Sichuan Industrial Pavilion will witness a collective presence composed of five industrial groups from Nanchong City, Suining City, Neijiang City, Meishan City and Panzhihua City. In the context of coordinated development of the regional economy in Sichuan, this group of cities will bring together excellent industrial enterprises with robust development potential and regional representation, displaying every aspect of the innovative development of urban industry, advanced industrial technology, application achievements and characteristic industrial products. In addition, more than 150 leading enterprises including Dongfang Electric Corporation, TGOOD, CCK, Artigent, Jwell, Hyundai Truck & Bus, Pushi, Cowin Auto, CNJ, Erzhong (Deyang), TBEA, CRRC and Longxinwei Technology will join hands to make an industrial presence of Sichuan to the public.

The CNC Machine and Metalworking Pavilion in Hall 14 gathers nearly 100 well-known enterprises of metalworking technologies and auxiliary parts, such as Han's, HSG, Penta, Quick, Deratech, Zhilong, Yueming, Jinqiang, Anhui Baichao, Infrotronic, DGLaser, Zhijin, Xiangsheng, Reci,Empower, Ruili, Fengke, Guangzhou Shipyard, RHTD, Sunrise, Gorbel, Harvest, Binlian, Chenlong, Jianghan Motor, Hengfei Cable and KEYENCE. They will bring their latest popular products to the exhibition. Wanguan Mechanical and Electrical City in Sichuan, praised as the Top 1 center of mechanical and electrical equipment in the western region, will invite dozens of its tenant merchants to form a group to participate in the exhibition. Trade & Investment Agency of the German State of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) will also organize a group to participate in the first CDIIF with an aim of promoting in-depth cooperation between the Chinese and German manufacturing industries.

The Industrial Automation Pavilion in Hall 15 has industrial leaders such as Siemens, Turck, Beckhoff, WAGO, Codesys, Wellintech, ForceCon, etc., while focusing on the digital transformation and upgrading in all links of the industry and displaying core technologies and solutions of intelligent manufacturing. A batch of hidden champions with special, refined, advanced and novel technologies including Weidmueller, Autonics, Well Sell, Fatek, Kengic, Gkoncy, HCFA, Connectwell, Wieland, Dinkle, Fluke, Rollon, Bernstein, Elesa + Ganter, Unipulse, CAPTRON, EUCHNER, CHELIC, Yiheda, Easun, BERNSTEIN, ILME, Leadshine, Nanda, Icotek, Tsino-Dynatron, Ginier, Zhenzhengweidun, Geshem, Intell, Pinghe, SINEE, Chenzhu, CUH, Clion will exhibit cutting-edge products and technologies including the embedded technology, motion control systems, smart sensors, connection systems, power transmission and so on, to create an industrial automation gala at home for industrial users in the western region.

The Metro Transit Pavilion in Hall 16 will fully display the latest achievements of the metro transit industry in Chengdu and other cities, gathering together industrial resources, integrating the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and building a professional platform to promote exchanges and cooperation as well as the execution of more projects. CRRC Chengdu, CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles, Xinzhu Corporation, Sichuan Railway Transportation Investment, Shanghai Shentong Metro, New United Group, Alstom, REG, Knorr, Southwest Jiaotong University, YUNDA Technology, Nanjing Kangni Mechanical & Electrical, Tieshan Group, Longertek Technology, Rockwell, GE, ABB, SUPCON, TCT, Microview, BOE, CASCO and Chengdu Tangyuan Electric will present the latest products and technologies in the rail transit industry and its applications, which offers insights into the new trends in the future development of the rail transit market.

In addition, the Exhibition Area of Robotics-Industrial Supporting-New Materials and IT for the New Generation in two connecting areas will prioritize AI + Digital Production to comprehensively exhibit the industrial Internet, 5G, Internet of Things, industrial artificial intelligence, and cases of applying cutting-edge technologies of digital twins, edge computing, industrial e-commerce and digital supply chain to digital infrastructure, smart manufacturing and green manufacturing, together with smart solutions suitable for the southwestern industrial and manufacturing market. The exhibition area will be honored by the presence of a group of benchmark and innovative enterprises, such as Infor, ZKH, Pangus, Brother, Magus Technology, UCLOUD, JEREI Digital and Midea Cloud. More than 20 robotics enterprises including flexible robots will display flexible end effectors that combine the latest research results, technologies and industrial needs, including Bito Robotics, Universal Robots, TMiRob, Ferly Digital Technology, Aican Robot, Smalley, Kofon, ZTT, ZONZEN, Jingdong, SIIC-LongChuang and AWS.

Dozens of events to concentrate on the optimization and adjustment of industrial structure within the province

Apart from abundant cases and exhibited products, the first CDIIF will be supported by many exciting concurrent activities, covering the opening ceremony, match-making events and a series of summits and forums planned in consideration of features for the industrial and manufacturing market of the west region.

In addition, the first CDIIF specially sets up an exhibition zone for digital factory scenarios and ecological system, and supports a number of industrial B2B and corporate salons, with customized whole set of scenarios of digital factory fitting the status of manufacturing industry in the western market being on display. This special zone will bring together many industrial leading enterprises to present simulation design, and advanced & practical technologies such as digital twins, flexible processing, digital assembly, etc., applied to sorting, palletizing and inspection, all necessary to the whole set of digital factory scenarios for equipment manufacturing. Diversified approaches and experiences help the audience better appreciate the value of digital transformation of enterprises.

Joining efforts to lead the new trend of western industry and accelerating the intelligent transformation of manufacturing

Manufacturing is the most important and fundamental component to the real economy. Although the proportion of GDP has fallen from the high level of 30% to about 27%, China's manufacturing industry still keeps clear comparative advantages in the global trading system. In 2020, the State Council released the Opinion and Guidance on Creating a New Pattern for the Great Development of West Region in China in a New Era, indicating that comparative advantages in the western region should be unleashed to support the growth of industrial clusters when conditions permit. Larger steps have to be taken to cultivate new drivers, transforming and upgrading conventional driving forces. With IT being widely applied to and integrated into conventional industries, a competitive and modernized industrial system will be constructed.

It is worth mentioning that two organizers of CDIIF are also organizers for the world’s largest industrial exhibitions, HANNOVER MESSE and CIIF. Thanks to their industrial resources and advantages, the first CDIIF will be delighted by many leading manufacturers who plan to make their debut for the western market in China. This fully demonstrates the enormous attraction of the industry in China’s western region. Thus, a high quality platform of zero-distance contact between industry and enterprises in the western region with the world-class industrial technologies has been created for the post-pandemic era, which will definitely turbocharge another round of great development in the western region, boosting the cultivation of new drivers and the transformation & upgrading of conventional driving forces in the west of China. Besides, the network-based, intelligent and digital transformation of manufacturing will be accelerated to construct a competitive modern industrial system.

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