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Hannover. The initiative is designed to encourage companies to do more to recognize and promote the achievements and special commitment of their young female employees in STEM professions.

The three women nominated for the Young Engineer Woman Award are (in alphabetical order):

Michèle Korošec is a physicist and works as a data science consultant at Sopra Steria. She and her team are working on the INA (Intelligent Network Analyzer) project to create a digital twin of the mobile network for a German mobile network provider. Michele Korosec uses quantum computing to optimize traffic flows in the network, uniting university research with economic interests. As a member of the Quantum Computing Initiative at Sopra Steria, she is contributing to the development of modern quantum computing solutions. She also supports young women in the STEM field, and was a mentor in the Cybermentor program for schoolgirls interested in STEM. As part of the International Volunteering Program, she has already gained international experience with Sopra Steria while teaching physics and computer science at a school in India.

Dr. Annika Möslein holds a PhD in Engineering from Oxford University, and subsequently joined Quantum Dice as a technical project manager for the research and development programs. Dr. Annika Möslein assumed responsibility for planning, design, production, testing, and validation, and made significant contributions to the development of new patents with her innovative ideas. For example, she headed up the development of quantum random number generators and assessed their impact on Monte Carlo simulations – a new application for quantum technology (alongside IT security) in finance, physics, risk analysis or climate modeling. She quickly became involved in all areas due to her technical background. The company greatly values her creative thinking, well-presented ideas, and proactive approach.

Sahana Shastry received her Master of Science in ''Space Sciences and Technologies'' from the University of Bremen last year, following which she was hired as a systems engineer by DSI Aerospace, focusing on mass storage systems for on-board electronics to support the expansion of ESA's Copernicus program. She also heads the Women in Aerospace Europe working group, in which she authored the white papers. This is where measures are being investigated and implemented to bridge the skills and gender gap in the aerospace industry. In her spare time, Sahana Shastry serves as an advisory member and COO for the student rocket and space group ASTRA e.V. from Bremen. She also co-authored the chapter on EDI to promote the new spaceflight economy in the Oxford Handbook of New Space Economy.

FEMWORX – Career Congress for Women in Industry

The 21st Careers Congress will take place as part of HANNOVER MESSE, and is being held over two days for the first time. On Thursday, April 25 and Friday, April 26, 2024, participants in the most successful networking and discussion event for female leadership in the STEM sector will be able to experience two days packed with inspiration and encouraging stories.


HANNOVER MESSE is the world's leading trade fair for industry. Its lead theme of „Energizing a Sustainable Industry“ brings together exhibiting companies from the mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and digital industries as well as the energy sector to present solutions for future production methods and the energy supply. Key topics include Industrie 4.0/Manufacturing-X, Energy for Industry, Digitization/Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Carbon-neutral Production, and Hydrogen and Fuel Cells. The program is complemented by a series of conferences and forums. The next edition of the event runs in Hannover, Germany, from 22 to 26 April 2024. Norway is the partner country.