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A digital picture is worth a thousand words!
revis3d develops product presentations in the form of digital twins that are fit for Industry 4.0. These virtual presentations are designed as interactive 3D applications to help companies boost sales and raise their profile - without the need for any explanatory text.

Shortly after it was founded in 2006 in Georgsmarienhütte - a veritable hub of innovation in northern Germany – revis3d GmbH was awarded two German Entrepreneur Awards for its ingenious idea to create product photos from engineering data. However, the company has long since moved on from its start-up status. Headquartered on the site of a former metallurgical plant right next to a steelworks, these innovative entrepreneurs have established themselves as serious providers of cutting-edge product presentations thanks to their marketing approach based on 3D technology.

revis3d's latest project centers around virtual product presentations for Industry 4.0 in the form of digital twins that can be used by companies as interactive 3D applications to boost sales and raise their profile. These digital twins are exceptionally vivid visual depictions that are said to make even very complex products and processes easy to grasp - without having to use any text, either. revis3d believes this type of presentation leaves a strong, lasting impression, creates an emotional response and generates genuine enthusiasm - all of which are crucial when it comes to converting leads into sales. Another key advantage is just how easy these digital twins are to use, meaning customers can concentrate on the content without being distracted. What's more, the option to view the presentations in virtual reality, on a screen or in a web browser means potential customers can experience that all-important "aha" moment almost anywhere.
revis3d GmbH (49124 Georgsmarienhütte, Germany), Hall 16, Stand C04
Contact: Hendrik Schwandt
Tel.: +49 5401 856851-0
E-Mail: info@revis3d.com

Desk jockey to the rescue!
On show at HANNOVER MESSE 2020, the ProSimulation software from Baumüller allows you to resolve production issues while sitting at your desk. In one case, a simulation specialist brought a baffled customer's glue roller plant back into action by determining the correct parameters.

Drive and automation specialist Baumüller recently provided a clear example of how its ProSimulation software helps users solve problems in production remotely from their desks. It all began when a customer based abroad made an engineer break into a sweat, explaining over the phone that his glue roller plant was acting up. In this particular plant, a large rolling mill is driven by a comparatively small motor to apply the adhesive used for manufacturing corrugated board and to move the board to the next processing step. The challenge in this set-up is the high load-inertia ratio of 1:218, which makes it difficult to configure the controllers.

Faced with this predicament, the engineer turned to simulation specialist Michael Stiegler at Baumüller: “Michael, I need your help. A customer's plant is on the blink - both the coupling and gearboxes are already broken. I don't dare reconfigure the parameter settings anymore. Could you help me out by creating a simulation model?" No sooner said than done. Based on the data sets and measurements provided by the customer, which included information about the speed profile and current flow, Stiegler designed a virtual simulation model. "After I had automatically imported the data into the system, I was able to first compare the simulation model with reality. I then used this model to safely determine the ideal controller settings and thus optimize the glue roller’s control behavior," says Stiegler, outlining how he saved the day from the comfort of his workstation.
Baumüller Nürnberg GmbH (90482 Nuremberg, Germany), Hall 7, Stand B28
Contact: Susanne Reinhard
Tel.: +49 911 5432-549
E-Mail: susanne.reinhard@baumueller.com

Innovation in every fiber
Boasting an extra rotation axis and a fiber feed unit, the new freeformer 300-4X from Arburg promises to be the ideal additive manufacturing solution for strong, fiber-reinforced functional parts in volumes from batch size one to small-series production.

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of machinery for plastics processing, ARBURG sees itself as a pioneer when it comes to production efficiency, digitalization and sustainability. The company has recently extended its product portfolio - which already includes ALLROUNDER injection molding machines with clamping forces from 125 to 6,500 kilonewtons, robotic systems and specific turnkey solutions - with the addition of the freeformer range for industrial additive manufacturing. However, it's not all about hardware at ARBURG, as the company also offers digital products and services under its brand "arburgXworld", the name shared by its customer portal. Meanwhile, "arburgGREENworld" pulls together the company's strategies for resource efficiency, the circular economy and all related activities.

Ahead of HANNOVER MESSE 2020, ARBURG has announced the unveiling of its freeformer 300-4X for additive manufacturing. Thanks to its additional rotation axis and fiber feed unit, this device ensures users can harness the benefits of ARBURG Plastic Freeforming (APF) for the additive production of strong, fiber-reinforced functional parts in volumes ranging from a batch size of 1 to small series. The fiber feed unit of the freeformer 300-4X feeds in continuous glass or carbon fibers via a roller, ensuring they are deposited on the part carrier with absolute precision. As they are deposited, the fibers are embedded in place with melted plastic granulate and cut to the desired length. To show what it can do at HANNOVER MESSE 2020, ARBURG is demonstrating the production of a fiber-reinforced gripper on the freeformer 300-4X.
ARBURG GmbH + Co KG (72290 Lossburg, Germany), Hall 23, Stand C48
Contact: Susanne Palm
Tel.: +49 7446 33-3463
E-Mail: susanne_palm@arburg.com

When the virtual meets the real
Thanks to RoboHeart, the augmented reality gaming module from Augmented Robotics, you can now integrate conventional RC models into your own - or computer-generated - augmented reality racetracks on your smartphone.

Seeing the world through children's eyes really isn’t a million miles from what we today refer to as "augmented reality". In children's imaginations, the boundaries between reality and fantasy are blurred. Even in the saddest environments, they can still conjure up vivid worlds, abounding with dragons, knights, fairies and unicorns. Adults usually only have two ways of reimmersing themselves in these worlds. One is generally prohibited by anti-drugs laws, but the other is made possible by state-of-the-art technology - in other words, augmented reality. This technology now enables us to truly bring extravagant fantasy worlds to life, as it combines the best of the digital and the real. What’s more, it helps us bring an extra digital dimension to physical, analog toys and actual places we experience through our senses.

One of the companies that has chosen to focus on this area is the Berlin-based startup Augmented Robotics. Its RoboHeart solution is designed as a way for manufacturers of remote-controlled models to merge the worlds of analog toys and digital computer games and take things to a completely new level. The major advantage of the technology used is that it can be integrated into new products and existing models alike. This gives rise to new virtual worlds built around real and familiar experiences, such as competing with friends in interactive races and putting virtual obstacles in their way in order to win.
Augmented Robotics (10623 Berlin, Germany), Hall 25, Stand E25
Contact: Tony Nitschke
Tel.: +49 30 31478725
E-Mail: info@augmented-robotics.com

Ecology begins at home!
Sunfire GmbH is unveiling its new Sunfire-Home, a combined heat and power appliance designed to bring increased independence and lower energy costs to people's homes.

Sunfire GmbH specializes in developing and manufacturing systems for generating renewable industrial gas and fuel. These "e-gases", "e-fuels" and "e-chemicals" are substitutes intended to replace fossil fuels such as crude oil and natural gas in existing infrastructures in future. The solid oxide fuel cells used for the conversion process can also be used as generators to provide electricity and heat. Sunfire's vision is to make regenerative energy from sources such as wind farms, hydropower plants and photovoltaic systems available wherever it is needed - and at any time, not just when nature provides the right conditions.

Sunfire-Home is the company’s latest development - a combined heat and power appliance designed to increase independence and lower energy costs. Thanks to the system's compact design, Sunfire is able to make its ecological ambitions a reality in people's homes. Based on innovative solid oxide fuel cell technology, Sunfire-Home reduces greenhouse gas (CO2), pollutant (NOx) and particulate emissions. It is also said to generate heat and electricity with the utmost efficiency, thus significantly reducing energy costs. Older buildings in particular are where these benefits truly shine, as very few changes need to be made to the building's existing infrastructure. Of course, the units are also suitable for use in new-builds to satisfy the latest energy efficiency requirements. As add-on devices based on LPG/propane or natural gas, they are easy to install and can fit in virtually any boiler room thanks to their compact dimensions.
Sunfire GmbH (01237 Dresden, Germany), Hall 27, Stand D46
Contact: Nico Ulbicht
Tel.: +49 351 896797-990
E-Mail: nico.ulbicht@sunfire.de

Infused with innovation
The vacuum infusion technology HÜBERS uses to manufacture bubble- and void-free composite components offers a reliable, lean process and, with it, a whole host of benefits in terms of product quality and system efficiency.

HÜBERS Verfahrenstechnik Maschinenbau GmbH is currently one of the world's leading specialists in system engineering for casting and impregnation applications. A core part of its business involves the preparation, mixing and dosing of epoxy, polyurethane and polyester resin systems, and LSR and RTV silicones. Customers from all over the world, operating in the fields of electrical engineering, electronics, automotive and aerospace engineering, and many other industries, use HÜBERS systems to manufacture a wide variety of products - covering everything from diodes to high-voltage insulators.

By launching its new vacuum infusion technology - which is making its debut at HANNOVER MESSE 2020 - HÜBERS is targeting companies that produce components made of composite materials and place the highest demands on their products in terms of quality, reliability and durability. This covers a wide range of sectors - from wind turbine and automobile manufacturers right through to customers in construction and the particularly demanding aerospace industry. At the same time, however, HÜBERS also has its sights set on the controllers in these companies who are interested in achieving cost benefits and boosting production efficiency by reducing reject rates and shortening cycle times. To meet these requirements, HÜBERS’ vacuum infusion systems produce bubble- and void-free components by degassing material components prior to mixing, and ensure short mold filling times thanks to their material pumping system. They also boast a compact design made possible by the continuous preparation and mixing of materials, while also providing optimum process reliability by using sensors to control filling speeds.
HÜBERS Verfahrenstechnik Maschinenbau GmbH (46395 Bocholt, Germany), Hall 12, Stand G15
Contact: Christian Averesch
Tel.: +49 2871 281-1219
E-Mail: c.averesch@huebers.de

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