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Every day's a school day for Smart Klaus!
Thanks to the Smart Klaus camera-based assistance system, companies like Ziehl-Abegg are enjoying error-free production. In fact, Klaus is so smart he's decided to exhibit at this year's HANNOVER MESSE to show visitors from around the world how deep learning is helping him lend a hand in an ever-growing range of applications.

Optimum datamanagement solutions GmbH - a specialist in intelligent image processing that combines database management and camera technology - has invested a quarter-century's worth of experience in dealing with customer-specific demands into its standard solution, Smart Klaus. The multi-award-winning camera-based assistance system for industrial production provides staff with digital support, helping them increase quality and productivity. Smart Klaus is designed to speed up the workflows of industrial companies and make them more cost-effective, while also freeing up staff.

Visitors to HANNOVER MESSE 2019 can see how Smart Klaus instructs employees, guides them through their tasks and safeguards quality standards at every stage. The system checks, confirms, motivates and documents like an experienced staff member so that its co-workers can be more relaxed, happier and more efficient in their work. Optimum's developers are at the leading trade show "Digital Factory" to provide detailed information about the technology behind Smart Klaus, its potential applications and how it can be put to use. Their exhibits focus on optical identification, assistance systems for final checks and camera-based assembly assistance systems. Moreover, Smart Klaus is set to get even smarter in 2019 and expand its range of applications with deep learning. A much more complex routine based on artificial intelligence will be used in the future for products that are particularly challenging. This will allow Smart Klaus to recognize cables, materials and coverings with ease, which could make it very appealing to the automotive industry especially.

However, according to Optimum, companies that are currently using Smart Klaus are already benefitting from increased quality and productivity. After all, they can meet their customers' needs faster, more efficiently and with more reliability, while complaints, troubleshooting and rectifications are a thing of the past. "Our system is being used in many production lines around the world - and proving successful in every respect," says Wolfgang Mahanty, Managing Director of Optimum GmbH. "Many major companies have already been won over by the potential and opportunities it has to offer." A prime example for this is the electronics manufacturer ZIEHL-ABEGG SE. "The system is very user-friendly and easy to program," explains Stefan Weiss, shift foreman and programmer at ZIEHL-ABEGG, who has identified three key benefits of working with Smart Klaus - the drastic reduction in induction training time, considerably higher assembly quality and significantly lower error rates. In fact, errors are reduced to virtually zero during assembly because, when a component with the wrong polarity is used or something is installed in the wrong position, Klaus is quick to notify his colleagues.

Optimum datamanagement solutions GmbH (76133 Karlsruhe, Germany), Hall 5, Stand G30
Contact: Carolin Schröer
Tel.: +49 721 570 44 95-19
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Good things come in threes!
The measuring technology experts at Helmut Fischer GmbH are showcasing a three-piece set at HANNOVER MESSE 2019 that has been specially designed for corrosion protection inspections. This new series of devices goes by the name MMS Inspection and is dust- and water-resistant to IP65.

The latest addition to the MMS Inspection family is a three-piece set that supports corrosion protection inspections with functions for measuring layer thicknesses, checking surface profiles and determining dew points. The stand-out model in the layer thickness range - called MMS Inspection DFT High - features a high-precision dual probe for reliably measuring coatings on iron/steel, non-ferrous/ferrous metals, and coatings on non-ferrous metals such as aluminum. What makes this device particularly user-friendly is that it automatically selects the appropriate measuring method.

However, Helmut Fischer has streamlined the entire MMS Inspection range to ensure easy handling. These devices boast secure, one-hand operation, a state-of-the-art user interface and a high-contrast display that automatically rotates to suit any angle. Their comfortable three-point support also ensures precise measurements can be taken in any situation. What's more, the devices feature a number of custom configuration options, meaning they can be modified to meet specific needs. Depending on the chosen settings, the system confirms each measurement either visually, audibly or through vibrations. The software guides the user step-by-step through the individual measuring programs and indicates whether the measurement values are within the specified tolerance. As a result, the devices can even be used efficiently by untrained staff. Other benefits of the series include its compliance with all major standards - including SSPC-PA 2 and ISO 19840 - and its extremely robust design. The rugged new MMS Inspection range can therefore also be used in harsh environments such as the maritime sector. After all, not only are the devices shockproof and dust-resistant - they're also protected against jets of water (IP65).

Helmut Fischer GmbH - Institut für Elektronik und Messtechnik (71069 Sindelfingen, Germany), Hall 5, Stand A54
Contact: Hans Jürgen Jüngling
Tel.: +49 7031 303-562
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The sky's the limit with cloud-based engineering software!
Aucotec AG is at this year’s HANNOVER MESSE to unveil the new cloud-based model of its cooperative platform - Engineering Base (EB). Users can now make the most of the software's entire license portfolio without having to install any hardware, manage any systems or worry about maintenance and upkeep.

Aucotec offers its flexible cloud model - the first hosting service for engineering software - in collaboration with Mod IT Services GmbH, which has specialized in workplace management and IT security for over 25 years. "The new cloud service offers planners a whole new kind of engineering flexibility," says Eike Michel, Head of Research and Development at Aucotec and the man responsible for the hosting project. "The linearized costs become easier to calculate, and users can get started with EB straight away. There's no running-in time, no time-consuming hardware analyses and procurement projects, and no waiting for software to be rolled out in a company's own IT landscape."

This cloud model is said to be particularly appealing to new customers starting out with just a handful of key users. Indeed, unlike the conventional approach to buying software, there's no need to estimate and build up server capacities in advance - when you still don't know exactly how much the software is going to be used. As a result, users can avoid making investments that not only tie up capital, but may also prove unsuitable at a later stage. "Systems often have to be upgraded several times, and sometimes capacities go unused - so cloud hosting is perfect for this kind of initial phase," explains Michel. The new service is fully scalable - from a single-user workbench to large-scale collaborative solutions. Even teams already working with EB can "move" to the cloud to avoid, for example, investing in server upgrades or to efficiently implement the next stage in the upscaling process. As part of a "bring your own license" model, all user agreements remain in effect - regardless of whether they are based on an individual license or token model - and can be modified at any time.

Hosting services also have a lot to offer when it comes to IT security. "Nowadays, almost every workplace computer is connected to the internet, so a company's in-house server solution is no safer than the cloud model," says Michel. In fact, quite the opposite is true in his view. Ultimately, professional hosting services offer access to an impressive pool of IT expertise in a company that focuses specifically on these very services and the associated technologies. For Michel, "Mod IT's experience makes it the perfect partner. After all, how many mechanical or plant engineering companies employ over 100 IT experts?"

AUCOTEC AG (30659 Hannover, Germany), Hall 6, Stand K28
Contact: Johanna Kiesel
Tel: +49 511 6103–186
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The ideal bolt at lightning speed!
Whether you need bolts as sample, series or spare parts, the mbo Osswald bolt configurator gets you the right solution fast. The company is at HANNOVER MESSE 2019 to showcase its tool for configuring bolts in real time - even bolts with a groove.

If you need bolts with a groove for a new design, are suffering from a supply bottleneck or want to purchase spare parts, then a visit to the stand hosted by mbo Osswald GmbH & Co. KG in Hannover would be a good idea. The company is at the fair to show how the mbo Osswald bolt configurator offers a fast and straightforward route to the bolt you need. Whether you’re looking for tried-and-tested DIN bolts or bolts with a groove, this tool promises a speedy and user-friendly solution that will meet all your needs.

Using the mbo Osswald bolt configurator is a pretty simple task. First, combine the bolt form, material, shaft diameter and retainer version with the required, freely definable length or grip length. The configurator will then automatically calculate the required minimum dimensions at the touch of a button, create the corresponding dimensional drawing and display the price and current delivery time. After that, all you have to do is enter the required quantity and transfer everything to your shopping cart. What's more, adding the relevant retainer type in the required quantity to your cart and placing an order couldn’t be easier - simply check the relevant box. Users can choose between bolts with or without a head in steel and stainless steel. The all-round slot applied to the shaft can be configured for various standard retainer types – locking washer DIN 6799, retaining ring DIN 471, SL-retainer, KL-retainer and bayonet clip.

mbo Osswald aims to deliver a range of benefits through its online tool, such as batch size 1, immediate information about availability and delivery times, product-specific price advantages, no surcharge for small quantities, and free delivery in Germany on orders worth over €25.

mbo Osswald GmbH & Co. KG (97900 Külsheim, Germany), Hall 4, Stand B12
Contact: Lothar Winkler
Tel.: +49 9345 670-131
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Keep a clear head with convenient costing!
AmpereSoft GmbH is at HANNOVER MESSE 2019 to exhibit its QuotationAssistant, which calculates the costs for power distribution and automation systems at the touch of a button. The solution is set to make it easier to create quotations and tenders for engineering processes.

Planners in the electronics sector will be all too familiar with the problem - extra jobs eating up valuable time and distracting from the main task at hand, namely engineering. One of the tasks that takes up the most time is drawing up quotations and tenders, as they need to satisfy legal requirements while also factoring in a whole range of specifications such as prices, discounts, surcharges and labor costs. QuotationAssistant, which CAE specialist AmpereSoft is exhibiting at HANNOVER MESSE 2019, is designed to ensure users can easily keep a clear overview of things in this pricing jungle.

QuotationAssistant largely automates the process of creating quotations and tenders. Besides factoring in material and labor costs, potential cost factors and surcharges, the tool also creates custom bills of quantities. What’s more, planners can input and output GAEB files, too, which makes it much easier to participate in public-sector invitations to tender. If a quotation results in an order, users can simply transfer the material data from their quotation to their CAE system, where it can be used for detailed planning. Thanks to seamless integration into AmpereSoft’s tried-and-tested ToolSystem, QuotationAssistant users have everything they need to enjoy a wide range of functions. For instance, material data from AmpereSoft’s MatClass tool can easily be transferred to QuotationAssistant via drag and drop. Planners can also adopt product and system configurations from the AmpereSoft Configurator so they can quickly and reliably create and compare quotation variants in a project.

AmpereSoft GmbH (53115 Bonn, Germany), Hall 6, Stand K22
Contact: Malte Limbrock
Tel.: +49 228 30412-630
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Everything engineers and designers could wish for
norelem, a manufacturer and supplier of standard, standardized and DIN components, offers over 43,000 standard parts to turn every conceivable manufacturing idea into a reality. The company is showcasing its extensive range at HANNOVER MESSE 2019.

To achieve ambitious goals in mechanical and plant engineering, you need a unique selection of standard parts and components - and that's exactly what norelem offers. Since the use of standard components cuts engineering times and process costs, norelem is committed to helping engineers and designers make the most of this efficient approach in their day-to-day work.

The flexible standard component system that norelem is exhibiting at HANNOVER MESSE 2019 includes basic elements such as plates and washers, as well as self-aligning pads, indexing plungers with locking mechanisms, spring plungers and toggle and swing clamps. These products are ideal for a whole host of operations, including various clamping and positioning tasks. When it comes to norelem's systems and components for mechanical and plant engineering, engineers and designers can also benefit from a varied choice of linear modules, lifting units, carriage guides and positioning tables. The company's portfolio also includes components such as rubber buffers, toothed belts, shock absorbers, machine feet, hinges and tube clamps.

A further product group brings together an array of different devices, jigs and standard elements for measuring and testing, including inspection tables, gauge stands and concentricity gauges. The norelem range also encompasses assembly systems, vises and accessories, materials handling and transportation products, and additional accessories, ranging from adhesives to cylinder cleaners. If you know which components you want and how many, norelem should be a speedy one-stop shop for all your needs. The online shop clearly states the availability of components and, with around 98 percent of the range available direct from stock, there’s little chance of being disappointed. What's more, the reliable and speedy delivery service ensures the vast majority of components are with customers within just 24 hours.

norelem Normelemente KG (71706 Markgröningen, Germany), Hall 16, Stand E17
Contact: Sina Knuth
Tel.: + 49 7145 206-95
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How product developers digitize their creativity
The digital transformation is revolutionizing product design - and Odego GmbH is at HANNOVER MESSE 2019 to show just how developers can benefit. The company is exhibiting its Cquenz tool, which provides innovative, end-to-end support at every stage of the design process.

For many years now, HANNOVER MESSE has shown how digital product models can be used to manufacture products more effectively. The fair has always been a showcase for the latest CAE tools for engineering and configuring technical products. But the situation is quite different in the early stages of product development, where many companies still often rely on basic Office tools such as tables or presentations when exploring initial concepts. Yet it is precisely in this early phase that a large part of the future costs are irreversibly specified.

In an age of highly complex technical products and countless product variants, it has so far been difficult to assess the true impact of specifications laid down in the early concept development stage. However, Odego has set out to change that with Cquenz - a tool designed to provide innovative end-to-end support in the concept development process, with a particular focus on complex and highly varied products. Cquenz enables users to create all the elements of a product - such as requirements, components, functions, interfaces, costs, batch sizes and modules - and their links in next to no time. The tool then provides clear visualizations to highlight a whole range of correlations in an interactive format. Engineers and cross-functional teams can thus design their modular product system from a variety of different perspectives to ensure its long-term success across the board. The tool enables them to analyze and optimize cumulative consequences that would be completely overlooked without the use of powerful calculations. The result should be a modular product that is fit for the market and the user's own value chain. "We have created a platform for teams that networks the expertise, ideas and people involved in designing product ranges," explains Dr. Thomas Gumpinger, Cquenz lead developer. "Teams can thus work collectively to develop better products."

Odego GmbH (21079 Hamburg, Germany), Hall 6, Stand B40
Contact: Sandra Szech
Mobile: +49 170 495 78 66
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