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Hannover. HANNOVER MESSE has been devoted to the topic ‘energy’ for many years. Wherever energy is used, innovative approaches are needed to eliminate energy waste. It starts with more efficient production processes, products needing less energy to run as well as software solutions allowing for a more efficient energy allocation.

During the HANNOVER MESSE Digital Days, the award ceremony for the Industrial Energy Efficiency Award 2020 took place on 14 July 2020. This year, four companies received the coveted Industrial Energy Efficiency Award 2020 in the categories energy sector and industry. The award was preceded by a submission period during which international finalists were able to qualify for a final assessment by a distinguished expert jury. The chosen winners of this year’s award ceremony are enable energy solutions, Ericsson, IVOC-X and Schneider Electric.

enable energy solutions: Low-temperature transformation – “deep data”

enable energy solutions GmbH leverages decarbonization potentials in industrial processes for heat and cooling through an approach based on a structured analysis and an engineering process for low-temperature transformation. This innovative concept with a data-based analysis convinced the expert jury of the Industrial Efficiency Award 2020.

Ericsson: Logistics solution for the future with 5G for sustainable ports

Ports are gateways to the world and are considered to be of great importance in an interconnected and globalized world. Continuously rising freight volumes require sustainable solutions to enable competitiveness and growth while reducing environmental impacts at the same time. Ericsson received the Industrial Energy Efficiency Award 2020 for a solution that simplifies and optimizes logistical tasks by means of 5G networks and a control mechanism based on artificial intelligence.

IVOC-X: Efficient air purification of gaseous polluta nts decreases operating costs

The startup company IVOC-X, founded in 2019, was awarded the Industrial Energy Award 2020 for the development of a thermal-catalytic air purification system. While existing technologies for air purification often result in high life-cycle costs and CO2 emissions that damage the environment, IVOC-X’s development can meet these challenges.

Schneider Electric: AirSet as innovative SF6-free medium-voltage switchgear

Sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) is the most potent known greenhouse gas. The globally operating French electrical engineering manufacturer Schneider Electric received the Industrial Energy Efficiency Award in the category energy industry in the segment of large corporations. The company offers a solution that replaces the extremely climate-harming gas in high- and medium-voltage switchgears with regular air.


HANNOVER MESSE is the world’s leading trade fair for industrial technology. With the lead theme Industrial Transformation, it spotlights all of the latest topics in industry, including Industrie 4.0, artificial intelligence, 5G, and smart logistics. HANNOVER MESSE is expanding its portfolio this year with a digital event, HANNOVER MESSE Digital Days, which premieres from 14 to 15 July.

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