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Hannover. The subcontracting industry continues to go from strength to strength. Industrial subcontractors have long been much more than simple suppliers of components and spare parts. For many years now, they have been equal partners to their industrial customers in the development of new products and solutions. This year’s Industrial Supply show at HANNOVER MESSE will once again highlight this important relationship. As the world’s leading trade fair for innovative subcontracting solutions and lightweight construction, Industrial Supply is set to deliver another strong performance from 25 to 29 April. Exhibitor registrations for the three Industrial Supply halls (4, 5 and 6) already partly exceed the high levels recorded at the same time in last year’s planning cycle. Particularly strong growth has come from this year’s Partner Country, the United States of America. Compared to 2015, the number of exhibitors from the US, which currently stands at around 40, has quadrupled. Key themes covered by the US contingent include lightweight construction; high-tech materials; metal, ceramics and composite components; precision parts; industrial lubricant solutions; coatings; corrosion protection systems; adhesive films; and locks, latches and fittings.

As the world’s leading sourcing platform, Industrial Supply features the full range of competing and complementary industrial processes and materials. The show’s structure is designed to provide an easy-to-navigate overview of all key subcontracting disciplines.

Hall 4 will be home to two industrial subcontracting heavyweights: the forging and sheet metal forming industries. Although it may seem counterintuitive, these industries, too, have picked up on the lightweight design trend – a fact that will be amply illustrated by the German Forging Industry Association at its "Solid Lightweight Design Initiative"showcase. Other highlights in Hall 4 include two group displays by around 20 US companies and the "SystemPartner"pavilion. SystemPartner is an interdisciplinary network of high-tech subcontractors that cooperatively develops and manufactures high-quality, innovative finished products for OEM customers. Hall 4 also features a vast array of machining displays and the Suppliers Convention, a discussion forum for industrial subcontractors and users with an interest in future materials and more environmentally friendly products and processes.

Visitors to Hall 5 can expect to see a world-class showcase at the German foundry industry’s "Gegossene Technik"(casting technology) pavilion. The increasing number of foundry industry exhibitors from outside Germany also testifies to the enormous importance of this sector. In 2015, and unprecedented 200+ non-German foundry companies were represented in Hall 5. A large number of the regular international group displays, including pavilions from Denmark, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Thailand and China, have also grown in size. Pakistan will make its first-ever appearance this year with a stand that spans over 500 square meters (5,380 sq.ft). The fittings and fixing systems display area will feature big-name regular exhibitors, such as EMKA, Rohde, Ganter, Reyher, Dresselhaus and IMS Verbindungstechnik, as well as a number of newcomers. Among the first-time exhibitors in Hall 5 are big name companies, such as Italy-based Camozzi Manufacturing and Polish company Thoni Alutec, which will be mounting the biggest stand-alone showcase in the foundry industry display area.

While lightweight construction will be a keynote theme right throughout this year’s HANNOVER MESSE, the beating heart of the lightweight construction showcase will be Hall 6 of the Industrial Supply fair. The growing momentum of the lightweight megatrend is reflected in the steadily increasing size of the hall’s dedicated lightweight construction display area. One of this year’s newcomers is CFK Valley, an international industry network for the entire fiber reinforced composite value chain. Among the key regular exhibitors in Hall 6 is German lightweight plastics manufacturer Pöppelmann. The Lohne-based company is renowned for its so-called K-TECH® Check process, which involves a comprehensive analysis of material, construction, tool and process parameters to gauge the potential weight savings associated with changing the material of a component over from steel to plastics, for instance.

The lightweight construction exhibits in Hall 6 of the Industrial Supply fair will feature the full range of lightweight solutions for all industries. They will also cover the entire spectrum of individual and composite materials. The latest expertise will be shared at the Materials and Lightweight Construction Forum. The Lightweight Construction / Solutions Area group display will be back with a bigger and more diverse offering. Haute Innovation, one of the participating exhibitors, will be showcasing a big range of the latest state-of-the-art materials. There will also be a model of an entire supply chain. Dubbed "Emotional Engineering,"the model is a joint production by a group of well-known companies. Other themed displays in Hall 6 will present the latest technical ceramics and adhesive bonding and joining technologies. The United States will also be represented with a big exhibitor contingent. The US Industrial Supply pavilion alone will occupy some 250 square meters (just on 2,700 sq.ft).