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The German Chambers of Commerce Abroad (AHKs) offer a comprehensive portfolio of services to support German companies abroad. They form the bridge within bilateral economic relations – on site for German companies at 150 locations in 93 countries worldwide. The services provided by the AHKs include market analyses, assistance in finding partners and entering the market, support in setting up a company and legal and tax advice. The AHKs also offer accounting services and trade fair services such as the acquisition of exhibitors and visitors as well as becoming a member and joining the local network.


On a global scale, AHKs promote sustainable development in the area of foreign trade promotion. Through their services and advice, they enable companies to operate efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner on international markets. They also support German companies in the diversification of supply chains, for example with market explorations and sector-specific advice. As bilateral business organizations, they offer in-depth expertise on opportunities and possibilities in foreign markets, particularly in the area of sustainability and future viability. AHKs also support the sustainable development of industry and the economy in a broader sense: in dual vocational training abroad, AHKs support companies in training skilled workers according to German quality standards, which helps to strengthen sustainable working practices.

Future outlook

Generally speaking, an increasing integration of AHK services into the globalized economy can clearly be noted. In the face of increasing trade barriers and changing geopolitical conditions, as outlined in the "Going International 2023" survey, AHKs will continue to support German companies in entering new markets and adapting their business activities to effectively meet the challenges of international trade and resiliently deal with external factors such as climate change. Certainly, the focus will continue to continuously shift to new markets and that the expertise and, therefore, regional networking of the AHKs will be in demand in the future.