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Our decades of experience in converting web materials gives us a breadth and depth of knowledge that creates unique conditions. It not only enables us to provide the highest quality solutions for the hydrogen fuel cell market, but it also allows us to transform from a global printing and converting company into an innovation leader for the energy and automotive industries.

In addition to manufacturing battery components, our expertise in hydrogen fuel cell development is a critical step toward a more sustainable energy future. Our advanced HFC technologies and commitment to innovation are helping to drive the efficiency and environmental sustainability of energy production and use.

Our broad HFC portfolio ranges from graphite and metal bipolar plates (BPP) to the manufacture of catalyst-coated membranes (CCM), gas diffusion layers (GDL) and gas diffusion electrodes (GDE). We offer our customers a wide range of customized rotary embossing and cutting cylinders and also develop assembly or production lines specifically to our customers' specifications.

Bipolar Plate Production Equipment

Bipolar plates are the backbone of fuel cells, and at Matthews Engineering we understand the importance of each component. With years of experience in embossing cylinder manufacturing, we provide not only the machines, but also the expertise you need to produce world-class bipolar plates. From embossing rollers to complete machine systems, we are your reliable equipment supplier for the rotary embossing process.

Production Equipment for CCM

The catalyst-coated membrane is the heart of the fuel cell, and at Matthews Engineering, we are proud to offer our extensive experience in processing woven materials. Our calandaring systems provide precise and accurate processing of the catalyst membrane to keep your fuel cells operating at peak efficiency.

Production Equipment for GDL

When it comes to finishing the gas diffusion layer, we are your competent partner. Our high-quality printing, cutting and transfer cylinders allow you to process the GDL in the way you want. Whether you want to apply an adhesive or cut the GDL into a defined shape, our experts will help you achieve the best possible results.

Coating Technology

At Matthews Engineering, we have over 50 different coating methods and combine them with sustainable drying concepts. Our long experience in calandaring technology allows us to offer machines for rotary embossing and cutting, as well as graphite foil production - from powder to foil - for the manufacture of bipolar plates. Cleaning and treatment systems, as well as quality control systems, ensure a smooth production process and consistently high product quality in our highly automated winding technology.

Automated In-Line Assembly

Process automation is the key to economic volume production of fuel cell stacks. With our help, you can successfully bring the fuel cell to the mass market. Leverage our expertise and experience to optimize your production processes and increase efficiency.

Rely on Matthews Engineering for innovative solutions that will take your fuel cell production to the next level. Contact us or visit our booth in Hall 13 to learn more about our state-of-the-art production equipment and how we can help shape the future of fuel cell technology.