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ONTRAS operates the 7,700 kilometre long-distance pipeline network in eastern Germany and is responsible for the reliable and efficient transport of gaseous energy - today and in the future. We are actively shaping the energy market of the future, contributing ideas and developing sustainable solutions for our infrastructure. In doing so, we rely on reliable technology, many years of experience and our most important asset: a committed team! Our gas infrastructure is compatible with renewable gases and therefore also supports a variety of use cases for hydrogen, such as material applications, mobility and heat. In order to make our infrastructure fit for a renewable gas supply, we are planning and realising numerous projects together with partner companies.


As a transmission system operator, we are playing a key role in the development of the hydrogen core network in Germany - we will supply customers with hydrogen in eastern Germany in particular. Our network will connect producers and consumers with import points and storage facilities. This will give us a high degree of flexibility and security of supply. In addition, we are already working on reducing the CO2 emissions of our company and our infrastructure: ONTRAS aims to be a climate-neutral company with a net-zero CO2 balance by 2045.

Future outlook

Hydrogen is a key element of the energy transition. Our main product - the reliable transport of gaseous energy - is thus becoming an indispensable part of the transformation of the energy supply towards climate neutrality. Hydrogen ensures a resilient energy system and reliably supplies energy even when there is no wind or sun. In this way, we are safeguarding the high standard of living in our country in the long term: industry still has a future in Germany because it can reduce its carbon footprint with hydrogen. We are also contributing to the long-term preservation of our livelihoods.