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It is estimated that there are currently around 40 billion rats in the world, and around 500 million in Germany alone. And even though the plague they carry has almost been eradicated, the robust rodents are still suspected of transmitting serious diseases and epidemics to humans and animals. Not only that, they are also believed to be responsible for the destruction of crop yields and food supplies, as well as causing severe damage to infrastructure. Reasons enough, then, why the control of rats remains an eternal issue.

One of the biggest problems in this context is the means and measures used so far. Currently available rat poisons (rodenticides) not only poison their victims, they also damage the environment, as they are hardly degradable in sewage treatment plants and thus increasingly enter our food chain, where they can lead to secondary poisoning. Essen-based BIORoxx GmbH, which will be exhibiting at HANNOVER MESSE 2022 as a partner of the NRW Environmental Industry Competence Network, now wants to combat the growing global rat problem in an environmentally friendly way.

To this end, BIORoxx says it has developed the world's first and only environmentally friendly rat poison. Unlike other rodenticides currently in use, BIORoxx's toxin is said to accumulate neither in the environment nor in water. Resistance formation or unintentional poisoning of other animals is also not possible, which means that nothing stands in the way of broad and simple use of the new agent.