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Pilz, a global supplier of products, systems and services for automation technology headquartered in Ostfildern, Germany, will be demonstrating at HANNOVER MESSE 2023 how reliable safety and security can help industry meet its global challenges. The Swabians will be presenting their control systems as the key to individually adaptable processes and solutions. In addition, safe access management I.A.M. (Identification and Access Management) and the safe automation of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) will be the focus of solutions. Finally, Pilz will be highlighting 2023 with an expert panel on "Safety and Security" as a platform for knowledge and joint exchange on the Pilz exhibition stand. The focus will be on topics relating to machine safety throughout the machine and plant life cycle.

Against the backdrop of the expert panel, Pilz will also be presenting its new "CESA - Certified Expert for Security in Automation" training course in Hanover - a qualification for security experts - and now also its new customised service for validation. And the whole thing will be framed by celebrations to mark the 75th anniversary of the company: founded in 1948, the company has changed again and again - from glass blowing to electronics company, to automation and digitisation company, to today's global "ambassador of safety" for man, machine and the environment.

Pilz expert panel - Talk with depth

Why is there no safety without security? What are the consequences of the new EU Machinery Directive? Pilz's team of experts will answer these and other questions relating to machinery safety directly on the exhibition stand. Visitors can find out more at "their" suitable presentation - including "Functional safety standards - changes to ISO 13849-1" or "Machinery directive becomes machinery regulation". Afterwards, the experts will be available for further questions and individual discussions.

New Qualification Highligths Industrial Security

With the new requirements and normative specifications for industrial security, manufacturers, integrators and operators are faced with the question of how to qualify their employees for this. Pilz provides support in this area and has recently expanded its range of training courses for specialists to include further training as a security expert. The focus of the expert course "CESA - Certified Expert for Security in Automation" is knowledge of the correct implementation of security in accordance with the normative requirements for machinery in accordance with IEC 62443 - from risk analysis to the safe operation of machinery. CESA enables graduates to effectively implement security measures. The expert course supports companies in establishing their security know-how.

Validate, but precisely

International safety guidelines and standards such as ISO 13849, IEC 62061 and IEC 61508 prescribe it: Machine manufacturers or operators must regularly confirm the correct implementation of the safety design by means of validation - regardless of the functional design. However, the requirements can differ depending on the application - so what depth of validation is necessary and sensible? Pilz will be presenting its tailored service offering for safety validation as part of its trade fair presence: thanks to three different levels, it now enables custom-fit validation in terms of the scope and depth of the work. This means that validation can be implemented individually according to requirements - for more efficiency.

Safety & Security for mobile security and access management

Safety and security are enablers of modern industry. At the Pilz stand in Hanover, visitors to the exhibition can find out how productivity in material flow can be harmonised with safety in the best possible way. Pilz will be using a model of an automated guided vehicle (AGV) to demonstrate how track-bound or freely navigating AGVs can be comprehensively safeguarded. Pilz will also demonstrate how users are supported by the digital maintenance safeguard "Key in pocket". This protects the operator against unauthorised restarting of a machine during maintenance. Flexibility in the implementation of Identification and Access Management (I.A.M.) is also a topic here: the PITreader card unit access authorisation system is also in the exhibition baggage. Together with industrial firewalls such as SecurityBridge from Pilz, which controls data communication within an industrial automation network, machines can thus be protected against unauthorised access and manipulation - with the advantage that operators can use them to identify themselves with RFID transponders in card or sticker format. Added value is also created by the fact that RFID-capable cards already present in the company can be used. This simplifies operation, as the user only needs one card for several functions.

Pilz as partner for Asia Pacific

By 2030, this year's HANNOVER MESSE partner country Indonesia aims to become one of the world's ten largest economies - and Industry 4.0 is to be the driver. Among other things, incentives are being created for investment in new technology. The Pilz subsidiary in Southeast Asia, founded in 2016 with headquarters in Singapore, supports customers in the APAC (Asia Pacific) economic region with its consulting and service offering for safety and engineering, among other things: "Initially, Pilz focused primarily on risk and plant assessment, safety concepts and evaluation. These are all topics that have been and continue to be well received by our customers - alongside our automation solutions", says James Michael Large, Vice President Asia Pacific.