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Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or ZigBee? In practice, various technologies are used for communication between IoT devices. If they also use the same wireless frequencies, problems can soon develop. Graz University of Technology has come up with an idea to deal with this: X-Burst . This is a framework that allows companies to integrate their IoT products into operating systems. It facilitates direct exchange of information between devices that use the same frequency but different technologies. The name says it all: the researchers use energy bursts, i.e. time-controlled energy pulses on the wireless channel, to extract information in the receiving device. This means that the use of intermediate gateways is superfluous, according to TU Graz.

Smart solutions like this are becoming more essential than ever if you consider how quickly the IIoT market is growing. According to an IDC study conducted in 2019, the majority of German industrial companies have already implemented IIoT projects or are at least planning to do so.