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Summer is just around the corner – a time of year that causes suffering to stabled animals in particular. For many animals the battle against heat, particularly on humid days, can have sometimes dramatic consequences: not only do feed intake and output decrease, but the animals’ health can take a real hit, even to the point of collapse. Countering this and providing a comfortable stable environment even at the height of the summer requires good air circulation to move warm, damp air out and replace it with fresh air. The Danish family-owned company DACS has been specialized in stable ventilation for 30 years, and is presenting a new and particularly energy efficient rotor system at HANNOVER MESSE 2014.

The system comprises an aerodynamically optimized hub with a set of three to five rotor blades, whose unique adjustment mechanism enables angle settings of 37 to 52 degrees in three-degree steps. Also aerodynamically streamlined, the rotor blades improve efficiency by 15 to 30 percent compared with blades generally in use today. Due to their extremely precise polyamide form, the rotor blades do not require balancing, and their ultralight construction reduces both bearing load and starting-torque requirement. A new, integrated taper-lock system provides significant additional stress relief on the bearings. The system is delivered with disassembled rotors, reducing shipping volume by 75 to 90 percent compared with traditional rotor systems.

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